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May 12, 2012 05:24 PM

frozen roast in pressure cooker

I just bought a new refrigerator, and while cleaning out the old one I found a goat leg in the freezer. Is there a way of pressure cooking it so that it diesn't matter that it started out frozen? My pressure cooker is cuisinart electric that DH bought at Costco on impulse on St. Pat's day so we could have corned beef that night. :-) I usually grill or brown the leg and then slowly cook it in a pot with moist heat, but it cooks for so long I don't really think it needs any browning. I also have no idea where to look to find a conversion factor for pressure-cooking frozen meat. Or I can put it in a slow cooker overnight.
Do I need to thaw it first? Normally I would, but I decided to see if anybody had any opinion on the matter.

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  1. I wouldn't cook frozen meat. I'd let it thaw first. On the method of cooking goat, I have no opinion.

    1. Frozen and cooked in a slow cooker it would spend too much time in the dangerous temperature zone. I wouldn't try that. My dear MIL could never plan a meal to a specific time. She was famous for taking something out of the freezer about ten minutes before she thought dinner should be ready and stuffing it into the pressure cooker. Meal was always late, food was always terrible. Inasmuch as she was considered a lousy cook, I couldn't recommend emulating her style.
      Thaw it, cook it as you normally would, enjoy ....

      1. Steam won't penetrate the frozen center in the first hour, but it will cook the outside of the leg. By the time the interior is cooked, the outside will be stringy and overcooked. Roasts in general are not at their best in the PC.
        If your roast is small enough you can defrost in a microwave. Use power level 3 for 5 minutes. Turn over and repeat. Repeat a third time if necessary.

        If anyone has the conversion factor, it would be Lorna Sass in Pressure Perfect. I don't have the book at hand, but I don't recall frozen roasts being discussed.

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          That's what I was afraid of, but didn't remember ever having heard anything about that. Okay, I'll thaw it, grill the outside, and do what I did last time, which was absolutely magical. Thanks, everybody, for the scientific outlook.