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May 12, 2012 04:08 PM

Lunch and dinner in the 7th?

We from New Zealand, and another couple from New York, will be sharing an apartment on rue de l'universite in the 7eme.

We understand there are some good restaurants on rue saint-dominique, and on streets nearby and and even further away on foot. We would appreciate advice as to the very best of these. Also, we understand the restaurant in the tour d'effel is worth a visit. Merci d'avance.

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  1. You will find lots of info and differing opinions on the boards about Chez l'Ami Jean, just between St. Dominque and l'Université on Rue Malar. It's personally my favorite for a fun, bustling, hectic good time with delicious food, smashed in with other people as Jego yells across the room. Much calmer but just as delicious at lunch. This would be my pick in the 7th. Usually the 55€ Petit Voyager tasting menu is a good bet.

    Les Fables de la Fontaine at Rue de la Exposition & St. Dominique - Fresh, delicious, well cooked seafood in a small, quiet setting. for a nice evening. I had an incredible sole meuniere there, and I have done there tasting menu several times as well, which usually has more modern & creative touches. I highly recommend the basil-wrapped prawns as a starter.

    Pottoka down the street on Exposition, by the same owners, has a delicious beef cheek, but I've only eaten there twice. Good neighborhood spot.

    Thomieux on Dominique

    Au Petit Sud Ouest on Ave de la Bourdonnais is delicious if you like duck. Specializing in southwest cuisine, with a homey rustic atmosphere and maybe the friendliest, sweetest owners I've ever met. Cassoulet, duck confit, magret de canard, daube, toasters on every table to have warm toast with your foie gras.

    For something totally different, there is a tiny Martinique restaurant on Agereau called Chez Lucie. The owner Didier and his wife are from Martinique. She cooks, he serves, and he is so friendly and cheerful and has the best laugh. They have a smoked chicken that is fall-apart tender, and the appetizer platter is delicious. If you go, be very careful when Didier brings out the bowl of spicy tepanade-looking stuff in olive oil. The tiniest speck sets your mouth on fire, and that is no exaggeration.

    Akrame in the 16th

    L'Arpege is supposed to be pretty outstanding, on the other side of Invalides


    (I would definitely suggest reservations for all of these.)

    Coutume on the other side of Invalides heading towards the 6th has some of the best coffee in Paris, and they often have some nice easy sandwich/soup/pasta-type lunch options (not a restaurant though, definitely a coffee shop).

    Best options if you want a solid meal but don't want to go across town or don't have reservations:

    Les Cocottes or Cafe Constant on Dominique. Nothing mind blowing, sometimes great dishes, sometimes so-so but consistently, they provide a good, easy meal and friendly service for a good price.

    Rue Cler has 3 cafes open daily serving around the clock. Good for a very reasonably priced basic meal on a pretty street. If you're looking for somewhere to eat on a Sun/Mon or for a quick lunch or coffee, these are atmospheric, but not eating destinations by any means.

    As for Jules Verne, I've head mixed reviews. Fun experience I'm sure to eat on the Eiffel Tower, and you get to use the private elevator, but there are so many other options in that price range that I think would provide a more outstanding meal. There is another restaurant on the 1st level that is much cheaper if you just want the experience of eating on the Tower. Also, you can go to the nearby Quai Branley museum for coffee or a drink to have a great view looking at the Tower.

    As for sweets in your area, you'll see Michel Chaudon on l'Université and his little cocoa dusted pavé chocolates. And at the end of Rue Cler there is a Jean-Paul Hevin, who I think has the most underrated macarons in the city. Secco on Jean Nicot has some nice pastries as well and a pretty shop.

    Anyway, hope that gives you some ideas. Happy eating!

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    1. re: juliemarie8

      Dear Juliemsrie8,

      Thank you so much for the effort and experience of your advice. It will become our culinary bible for meandering in the 7th. You are kind. Merci. A la prochaine.

      By the way, we have been told about Jean Francois Piege, FL and Gaya. Do you prefer one or other of these? Encore Merci.

    2. JM8 gives very good advice and opinions. l might add Renard for macarons a bit further down Dominique are less sweet, and that makes me happy. Also Bellota-Bellota has expensive wonderful iberico ham in multiple ages, get the 2 year. It is next to Secco on Rue Jean Nicot.

      Ate at CLAJ on Friday with other hounds and Jego was in great form, had the 55 euro meal and was still too much food.

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        I believe you can still snack at the bar in Bellota-Bellota - they did a very good tasting plates to contrast the varieties.

        Gaya is very good - especially if you sit at the bar, ask to sit downstairs not up.

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          “Ate at CLAJ on Friday with other hounds and Jego was in great form”

          O yes. I had the seat so near the kitchen that I sneezed whenever Jégo pappered his dishes. He broke my eardrum.
          But the lunch with DH, Sistereurope, Parisjo and the Foie Gras locust above was uproarious fun. For the foie gras mi-cuit which was crispy outside, the inside was just this side of foam.
          I frankly did not notice any difference in ingredient quantity or quality or inventiveness between the 55 euro and 41 euro menu. Some hypnosis is at work every time, and I say yes to whatever is proposed. The rest entirely depends on Jégo's form.

          Our Fave Waiter, whom I shall not name, made a wonderful mistake. He was announcing in English a dish and its ingredients. The last ingredient was "garbage flower".
          I whispered to DH: what did FW say it was?
          DH: garbage flower.
          I turned to FW: What did you say it was?
          FW: garbage flower …
          (pointing to the … cabbage blossom).

          Learned another French term. No, not fleur de poubelle. I asked Jégo whose wrist was all bandaged, from a boxing injury, how to say sparring partner in French.
          Answer: sparring partner.

          1. re: Parigi

            Thanks Deluca., PhilD and Parigi (and of course JM8).

            I take it CLAJ is better at lunch (prix/qualite). Is a lunch reservation necessary? Merci.

            1. re: Kiwibloke

              Price is same lunch and dinner.
              Yes lunch reservation is necessary.

              1. re: Parigi

                What!! Boxing!! I was there the night he hurt it (apparently it happened after the dinner service), and when I came back with some friends the next week, Jego and two of the waiters (the sweet 16-yr-old looking boy and likely FW), told me a different story, much less cool and interesting than a boxing injury. He should stick with that. But that's hilarious that we got different versions!

                My question is how do I get in on some hound dinners?? I'm ready to know some faces. I'm sure there's a special rite of passage involved. But Chowhound was such an integral part to my journey of becoming food-obsessed with Paris several years ago that everyone holds a special place in my heart. Plus I have so many places to try on my ever-growing list, and not enough friends willing to put their budget towards it. I would like to submit my apprentice eater application. Someone please give me the secret initiation rules.

                1. re: juliemarie8

                  Contact me on the email on my info page, that should work.

                  1. re: juliemarie8

                    Jégo told me the boxing story. You mean the fucker gave me a line?
                    Secret? Nuh.
                    DCM and I actually met at chez l'Ami Jean.
                    Search "bird" in this long thread: