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May 12, 2012 04:00 PM

This place looks interesting The Pig

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  1. That really does look interesting!

    They also have an octopus, a venison, and TWO rabbit dishes! Sadly they don't have reindeer.

      1. re: woodleyparkhound

        Nice menu! Gotta love a place with porchetta, brains, and octopus. A well balanced beer list as well.

        1. re: Tom from Raleigh

          Yes... and the pork ramen caught my eye as well.

      2. It's from the folks who brought you The Heights, Logan Tavern, Grillfish & Commissary.

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        1. re: wineo1957

          But it's quite a departure in terms of how adventurous the menu is. I will be very curious to see how they do.

          NB: I am friends with one of the owners of Eatwell DC, so I will not post any reviews of The Pig or any of the other places, but I encourage everyone to give them a try!

          1. re: Bob W

            I'm hoping the DC crowd is out of town this weekend. Would love to try it out tonight. This and The Green Pig in Clarendon.

            1. re: shake N baik

              Lol - Its Memorial Day Weekend with nice weather everyone and their mother will be out this weekend. Also Rolling Thunder is in town. If your going I would go as close to 5pm as possible

              1. re: agarnett100

                Got to the restaurant around 5:15 last Friday and it was empty. By 6:30 the place was packed with people waiting for tables. Tried the crispy pig ears, wild boar ragu, lamb manti dumplings, crispy pork shank, and mac and cheese. Thoroughly enjoyed everything except for the mac and cheese. It was a bit dry and although I love crisp bread crumb topped casseroles it didn't help the dish in this instance because it added to the dry mouth feel. My favorite dish as a whole was the lamb manti dumplings. Ever so spicy but comes with yogurt to cool things down. The crispy pork shank and the sauce it was accompanied with was delicious. Tried spoon bread for the first time since it came with the shank. I didn't care for it much as the souffle like mixture was a little too moist and mushy for me. Would definitely go back and with a bigger group so that I can try the big charcuterie plate. The Pig is a great addition to the restaurant scene in DC.

                1. re: shake N baik

                  ShakeNbaik thanks for the review I am excited to see a departure from the norm in the some of the newer places opening up in DC

          2. re: wineo1957

            I was nervous about the EatWell association as well. But we were in the neighborhood, and wanted to try it out so we went last night.

            They appeared to have a decent wine list with some on tap; I was less impressed with their beer list. We ordered the beet salad, chickpea mash, roast cauliflower, pulled pork and braised cheeks. The beet salad was deconstructed, with thin slices of soft beets with a creamy cheese (I forget which) in between each layer with a small pile of greens (mint, parsley and maybe a little arugula) in the middle. The "beet sandwich" reminded me of Jell-O, and I would not order this again. The chickpea mash was good as was the roast cauliflower which came with a lemon-y pork broth-y (?) sauce with pine nuts and currants. The stars, however, were the meat dishes. The pulled pork was delicious, with some "bark" and the right amount of saucing with the acidic carolina Q sauce. The mac n cheese that came with it was good too - cheesy with a nice crunchy breading. The braised cheek was the best dish, perfectly tender with a rich gravy on top of some creamy (but not runny) grits.

            Overall, very much liked this place, but I thought it is a bit expensive for what you get, except the two meat dishes seemed to be a better value. My one quibble would be the service. It was slow (and the restaurant was mostly empty when we got there), and then the busboys were constantly trying to take our plates away when we were still working on them.

          3. My GF and I live a street over and have been here a couple of times. Thoughts:

            - Beer list is good, but booze is a bit on the pricey side here...then again, it's Logan Circle.

            - All the pig dishes have been quite good, though the star was the Carolina pulled pork. I grew up in eastern NC and can be a bit of a snob when it comes to pulled pork, and honestly, this is really good. That said, it seems odd to pay $12.50 for a tiny plate of pulled pork...then again, it's Logan Circle.

            - The truffled mac 'n cheese is insanely good. It's honestly worth ordering it as a side, in addition to the serving that comes with the pulled pork...which you will certainly be ordering, right? :)

            - Pork cheeks were quite good as well as the wild boar, though the latter didn't really blow my mind. It tastes like a decent bolognese on top of pasta, nothing more. I've had wild boar and pasta at a few places in DC and have yet to find any place that really makes the dish sing. The meatballs are also quite tasty and they do a very good job with the grits.

            -The only thing I hated was the cauliflower, which used far too many currants and had a foul, fishy taste.

            - I sort've agree with mdpilam about it being over-priced, however, as I've said twice's Logan Circle. Slightly over-priced is the norm, be it over-priced pints at a mediocre bar like Stoney's or over-priced Thai at a good-but-not-great Thai place like Rice. Given the cost of dining out in the neighborhood, it's one of the more reasonable places IMO in terms of cost-to-quality.

            1. After a second great experience at The Pig, I had to chime in as I love this place. Our most recent meal included Brussels sprout panzanella, face bacon (unreal, and $5), pork and waffles (great riff on chicken and waffles) and finally porchetta (belly wrapped around house-made sausage). Had a bottle of Cava for $26 and a great server. There was so much more we wanted to order, but it was our third stop of the night. Good value.