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May 12, 2012 03:27 PM

No meat, no gluten, no dairy. OH MY!!!

My sister is staying in the East Village, and I told her I'd do my best to help her find some delicious places to accommodate her dietary restrictions. I'm hoping for all price ranges, and she's a very adventurous eater.

Any help is greatly appreciated - THANKS!

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  1. Caravan of Dreams is great! Vegan, kosher, delicious stuff even for those of us who can eat the things your sister can't.

    It's at 405 E. 6th Street, smack in the East Village.

    1. For baked goods, have her try Babycakes:

      There's Maoz for falafel platters.

      A few of the arepas at Caracas Arepa Bar would work, I think, if she asks for them without cheese. (She should ask to make sure they don't use butter when griddling the arepa.)

      And she's close to Little India, where some of the south Indian restaurants like Saravanaa Bhavan might work. Again, she should ask and make sure there's no ghee used in the preparation. I don't think popular items like dosas, vadas, iddlis and sambar include any ghee. There are a few dishes with yoghurt in them that she should ask about and avoid.

      1. Quantum Leap is a good choice especially for weekend brunch. John's Italian restaurant on E 12th St ( I think), has a a vegan menu, in addition to their regular menu. There is a Vegan restaurant next door to John's called Angelika Kitchen. You can go further downtown to Rubirosa for their gluten free, meatless dairy less menu. Souen is another place , reasonable walk to 13th and university or to SoHo. At Pala on Allen and Houston, they not only have a vegan menu, they have gluten free pizza, you can customize the pizza to not have cheese or meat. They gluten free pasta also.