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May 12, 2012 02:25 PM

Churrasco on College: Portuguese Chicken Guys & Paul's Churrasco

Looks like Paul's Churrasco at 839 College St will be opening soon.

Has anyone tried Portuguese Chicken Guys at 898 College St?

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  1. i appreciate the thought but sardinha is really a hard spot to knock off the top. maybe gimme the hot sauce from that place at college and dufferin on the north side that i always forget the name of but... man sardinha is good

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    1. re: disgusti

      According to the sign on the window at Paul's Churrasco (which hasn't opened yet), the restaurant owner's name is Paul Sardinha. Not sure if he's somehow connected or related to the Sardinha you're mentioning. Looks like Paul's will be more upscale than most churrasco places. I'm looking forward to trying it out, once it opens.

      Are you talking about the Sardinha on Bloor or the Sardinha on Dundas?

      1. re: prima

        Sardinha is always just too dried out for me no matter how tasty. I try, and hope, but they overcook their chiickens everytime!

        Churrasco Villa on Eglinton at Mt Pleasant is almost always juicy and excellent. Alex Rei dos Leitoes on Ossington is also a good bet for moist.

    2. Based on the menu, that "Family Chicken Special" offers a savings of only $0.87 off ordering the items separately! Not much on a $20.00 order. Sure, they can charge whatever they want, the taste makes it worthwhile, but it just gets my back up when stores advertise "specials" that actually have little or no discount and it makes me feel like they are trying to sucker me.

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      1. re: JDAWG

        I get a difference of $2.64...($22.10 ordered separately, $19.46 special). Are we looking at the same online menu?

        1. re: T Long

          JD is choosing from the Salads category ($2.65) and you are choosing a small salad under "sides a la carte". ($4.42)

          1. re: justsayn

            That would explain the difference. I guess one would actually have to test out the place to see if the special is a rip or an OK deal. I would hope/expect the small salad to come in a set-sized container (and be bigger than the single portion salads) and include an option to choose from the salad menu.

      2. I just had a chicken sandwich from Paul's on College. It was maybe the driest chicken I've ever had in my life. I think they partially dehydrated it after it was cooked. Good sauce, AWFUL chicken.

        1. I like the Portuguese Chicken Guys :)
          I think the Family Special FROM Portuguese Chicken Guys is a very good deal. Because the whole chicken cost $11 and the sides cost 5,50 each.... the price of everything would be then 27,50. And the special is $23 and something. So we're getting a $3,50 saving. plus the chicken an the roast potaoes are delicious. Rice is okay, Salad is good but some onions and tomatoes would improve it . The service is also great fast and frienly

          1. I find the ne Sardihna pretty interesting because ive seen other resturants named bye "Sardinha" But now this Resturant is closed for some reason therefore this Paul Sardihna might be the owner of the Sardihna across my street the other sardhina on collage