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Gluten-free vegan dining

Recently learned that I can't really deal w/ lactose, and that Mrs. Josh is gluten intolerant. We've been eating gluten free for a couple of weeks, mostly vegan, frequently raw.

So what are some spots people like for this kind of thing?

So far we've basically limited our dining out to People's Co-Op's deli and Casa De Luz in North Park, but I'd be interested to know if anyone else knows of good spots for this type of dining in San Diego.

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  1. If Mrs. Josh can tolerate soy sauce, any of the Asian or pho places will do.
    Bud's Louisiana Cuisine's menu is virtually gluten free except for a few items.
    Surati Farsan Mart if you pick your items carefully.
    Tender Greens w/o the bread on the side.

    1. I was just looking at Cowboy Star's menu - tons of GF options


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      1. While this might be a little OT, I'd highly recommend Nigel Slater's book, Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch if you don't already own it. It's a beautifully photographed book with some pretty amazing recipes and is an all around good read.

        1. It's not exactly on the beaten path, but The Trails in San Carlos has a lot, and I mean A LOT of GT options, including pancakes and cinnamon rolls at breakfast. Plus, they can turn almost anything on their menu into gluten free. They also serve a gluten free beer and pear cider for those that need or want to be GT.

          It's not fancy, it's not trendy, but they are very nice, the food will never set the world on fire, but it is good, particularly for the neighborhood, and the price is right. Portions are large, I generally split an entree or take half of it home.

          In the Keil's shopping center at Jackson & Navajo

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            My wife has cut out gluten as well and said the GF pancakes at the Trails were better than the ones at Snooze.

            I read recently that the GF beers that were tested almost all had Gluten in them. Apparently cross-contamination is very prevalent.

          2. Local Habit has a ton of vegan and GF options – they even denote it on their online menu, which is handy.

            1. It looks like Peace Pies (Vegan, Gluten and soy free) is open again in Point Loma. They have a daily deal going right now, too (posted it under deals).

              1. Have you tried the Lotus Cafe? I've been to the Encinitas one several times and for GF and vegan choices they do a decent job. I know they opened up a 2nd location in Hillcrest but haven't been there.

                1. I am lactose intolerant, but it hasn't affected my diet much with the help of lactase pills. I keep them in my kitchen and car, and usually take more pills than called for in the package recommendations (4 pills instead of 2 pills).

                  A friend or mine has gluten intolerance, and tells me that based on experience he no longer dines at restaurants that serve both gluten free and non-gluten free items. He has suffered too many times as a consequence of presumed cross-contamination.

                  1. i read that JSix was doing special GF menus for Celiac Awareness month, so that might be worth a look.

                    Lotus Cafe does specify GF options on their menu, but be very specific about GF requirements when ordering there - they accidentally glutened me once.

                    Del Mar Rendezvous has a GF menu, as does The Mission.

                    places like Naked Cafe, Ki's, Swami's & Beachgrass are doable as well.

                    (i know most of those are North County, but that's where i spent the majority of my time!)

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                      Aloha GTG...
                      I was hoping you would pop in and give Josh and the Mrs. some great recs..
                      We miss you!

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                        aw, thanks chica :) i miss you guys too. hell, i miss California, period! can't wait to get back for good in July, though i'll be in LA...

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                        Thanks for the suggestions. Del Mar Rendezvous looks pretty promising.

                        I've gotten back into making Indian food, since so much of it is already vegan and GF.