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May 12, 2012 11:37 AM

Best beef ribs near Grapevine?

Brother visiting from Australia and I'm looking for a place with good smoked beef ribs in the Grapevine area. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm in GV and the nearest I know is the Woodshed in FW. Better-than-great outdoor/indoor experience on the Trinity, but you might want to do a trial run on the ribs. I haven't had them, but wasnt bowled over by the app and entrees that we had - artichoke, wild boar sausage and pulled pork sand. They may do better w/tradition BBQ.

    Hard 8 BBQ in Coppel may have them. You pay by the pound, price can get run up quickly, so you're warned! I didn't love it the one time I went several years ago, but reviews are mixed. Another possible trial run.

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    1. re: CocoaNut

      Are you saying you liked the ambience but not the food at Woodshed?

      I was all up to try it, and then I read a comment somewhere (on this here Internet) referencing a menu in NYC that Woodshed's appears to be copied from. So I followed the link. Umm ... not just the items, but the phrasing of the descriptions, etc. Everything that was appealing about the menu, blatant cut and paste, to the point of copyright violation. So that turned me off ...

      1. re: foiegras

        I'm saying I loved the ambiance, but it was during a cooler month. It kind of reminded me of a spot on the river in New Braunsfel that i used to go. I wouldn't waste my money on the food - at least those items I stated - very bland and uninspired. Given what you said about "menu plagiarism", seems Mr. Love needs to back away from his celebrity and rededicate himself to his first career (passion?).

        1. re: foiegras

          Oohhh do tell!! I had the same feeling about the "Love Shack" & "Shake Shack" in NYC. Where can I find the link?

          1. re: jojo14

            How interesting! I wasn't aware of Shake Shack. Good Lord, has the man had an original idea in his life?

            The other restaurant is called Fatty 'Cue:

   (see comments here


            I'm not sure I quite retraced my path far enough to find the comment I originally saw, but these are similar ones. There's a graphic of the NYC menu online ... track that down if you're really interested.

      2. For some reason, beef ribs are hard to come by in DFW metro. Not smoked, and not the greatest, but Love and War in Texas (in Grapevine!) does all you can eat beef ribs on Sundays from 11 am until they run out. I LOVE that restaurant, but the beef ribs are just okay. Still a good deal though.

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        1. re: pappy97

          Sonny Bryan's used to have all you can eat beef ribs on Monday nights. I don't know if they still have them.

          1. re: mjtx

            As far as I know, Sonny Bryan's doesn't offer beef ribs anymore. And, their pork ribs are totally, meh!

        2. Lockhart Smokehouse on Bishop at W. Davis Street in Oak Cliff has (huge) beef ribs on Wednesdays only. Be sure to call ahead to confirm.

          Otherwise, it's the fabulous (one) huge "Big Rib" at Smoke.
          Bring money because, it's $24.00!

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          1. re: twinwillow

            Their website still talks about no sauce/no forks ... I thought I read here they had sauce now?? Did I dream that?

            1. re: foiegras

              Lockhart Smokehouse obviously bended to customer demand. They now offer (the cheapest quality) plastic forks and, sauce.

          2. This is late, but I would recommend Hard 8 in Coppell.