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May 12, 2012 05:40 AM

Foodie in Montreal for 1st time .... PLEASE HELP !

I am visiting Montreal for the first time and would like to know what are " must trys" for a foodie like myself. I am not interested in the fine dining , white table cloth , uppity places.

I greatly enjoy ethnic eateries and hole in the walls. I love trying new foods from diffrent cultures and foods that are unique to Montreal .

I really want to make the best of this trip and not waste ANY meal.... what are the go to spots ???

I am coming from NYC ( so nothing I could easily find there)

ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated ! Can't wait to see your city !

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  1. Here are some ideas, or places to start searching the threads here.

    Coming from NYC, Montreal's real standouts are its bakeries and french food, but I've suggested lots of other things below:

    + St Viateur Bagel
    + Caffe Italia
    + le Pick-Up
    + Mamie Clafoutis
    + Kouign D'Amman
    + Patati Patata
    + Lemeac or Les 400 Coups (both bistro fine dining, but i suggest going just for dessert)
    + Cuisine Szechuan / Kan Bai
    + Vices & Versa
    + a poutine at Pied de Cochon
    + Wilensky's
    + Romodos
    + Kazu
    + Paltoquet for croissants

    1. I agree on Les 400 coups (bistro fine dining, but i suggest going just for dessert)
      The Classics: Joe Beef (for hardcore meal), Pied de cochon (for the Foie gras), St-Viateur Bagel(...for bagel..)
      Brunch at La Fabrique on Sunday Mornay (starts at 10h30)
      Kazu (japan), Grumman 78 (kind of mexican) are very popular...
      Kem Coba for the best Ice Cream in the world...
      If you like good beers: Dieu du ciel!...And Depaneur Peluso (kind of liquors store) if you want to bring some back home.

      ..Don't forget to go to the Jean-Talon Market...

      If you're visitin this Fall....Sugar Shack du pied de cochon for the best epic meal of your life!! (

      1. Nikkori suggested some great places. Since you are coming from NYC, I would not bother with chinese or japanese food here. You get that in NYC and Montreal does not do it better. Les 400 coups, especially for dessert, is great. I would suggest Joe Beef (I really like it and David Chang says its the best restaurant on the planet). That should help you judge, depending on your POV of David Chang. Au Pied de Cochon is very Montreal and I would not miss it. Wilensky's is a classic and when I visit New York, I have fun comparing bagels and deli. For that, try either St. Viateur or Fairmount for bagels and try Schwartz's for Smoked Meat (this one fills your hole in the wall). For what its worth, I found the Bourdain episode of the Layover on Montreal covered some great places. You could use it for some inspiration. Have a nice visit.

        1. when in old montreal you might want to try brasserie les soeurs gris for refreshments and they also have light meals, suppose to have terrace in warm weather

          also in old montreal go to Le Gros Jambon for brunch, small diner with variety of breakfasts

          I would go to brasserie T terrace but book as gets really busy fromJune on when grande prix and other festivals start up,-prices not high for evening meals. You might want to check out other threads, restos with terraces, BYOB restos, restos with early bird or late night deals.

          as for uniqueness I think Montreal has good french bistros at reasonable prices, and most people I would think come here for the french style/ambience than the ethnic foods; these bistros are located in neighbourhoold areas than in downtown area -- that kind of reminds me of Paris where you can find good pastry shops, coffee places, restos in area where you live. So if visitors to city stay in downtown core they really lose out on good meals and exploring the city.

          If you are downtown and want a quick bite, dominion taverne is in centre ot things and they have daily lunch weekday specials during day up to 2 or 3pm.

          for reasonable priced fish, Restaurant Rayan in Cote des Neiges area of city, not that I am suggesting Montreal as being seafood destination