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May 12, 2012 05:28 AM

Kitchen Nightmares heads to Galleria 33

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  1. I've always had pretty decent meals at Galleria 33, I'm a little surprised. The service was a little tense, but I did not get the impression the restaurant was KN material. It makes me wonder what was going on behind the scenes? Restaurant was always packed too - never empty!

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      From what I hear its a management issue, I've always had pretty good food there.

    2. Has anyone been to Davide since the last time Ramsay was in town to "fix" a restaurant? Heard anything about it? I noticed they had offered a Groupon a few months back.


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        There was no solving the type of problems davide had.

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          This is my point. From my December 2010 Devil's Dining Awards:

          "Most Futile Hail-Mary Pass Award: to North End restaurant Davide for its pending appearance on Kitchen Nightmares. Fox’s restaurant-makeover show follows Gordon Ramsay, the talented but money-grubbing British chef, as he expresses disgust at a struggling restaurant's food, then profanely tongue-lashes the incompetent owners, cooks and waitstaff into submission. He then oversees a perfunctory menu and dining room face-lift before exiting triumphantly.

          The show's dirty secret is that Chef Shouty McSpittlefleck never addresses the business management issues at the root of most restaurant failures. So Davide will likely suffer the same fate as most of Ramsay's Cinderellas: a brief bump in popularity after the episode airs, failure within a year or two anyway, and the eternal afterlife of its public humiliation on YouTube."

          Based on a viewing of the Davide KN episode, it looks like it was further hobbled by profound family dysfunction among its owners. (I actually enjoyed that episode, as it told a moving if semi-tragic family story: normally I loathe that show, cannot abide watching it.)

          Isn't La Galleria 33 also a family operation, owned by the L'Osteria folks across the street and run by one of their children?


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            It's been awhile since I've been to LaGalleria 33, but I always enjoyed the food there. From what I understand it is a family run operation. I was under the impression that Rita was the owner and that her mother owns L'Osteria.

      2. They aren't the only ones - Ramsey is filming at Barefoot Bob's in Hull until tomorrow:

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          I love the Wicked Local blurb that ends with "Barefoot Bob's award-winning chowder and lobster rolls", in an article about KN coming to rescue them!

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            Cool! Drove past it yesterday and wondered what was up! I thought it was "Bar Rescue"... now I know :)

          2. Any update? Was the show much of an exaggeration? Did it get better?

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            1. re: ajmcguire

              It's a 2 part episode, so the second half will air next week.
              They didn't show any of the changes or anything.

              I hope it was a huge exaggeration and the chef was playing for the cameras, because cooking chicken that was dropped on the floor sure is something.

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                unfourtunately I feel that the owners had a bad relationship with the chef as well as some of the servers and these certain servers and chef played it up for the cameras.

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                  Oh ok - I thought I was catching a re-run. No way everything in that first episode was real.

              2. I dont care how much the place improves in the second part. Yuck.