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May 11, 2012 09:25 PM

East Coast Grill Bloody Mary from Hell

Thought any ECG fans might get a kick out of this video. Scroll down for the Big Bloody Mary from Hell recipe.
Full disclosure: I'm Brian's dad.

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  1. well jim, gotta thank you for posting this. You might want to add it to the CH 'Spirits' forum too.
    This is not at all the reaction you would expect, but what this did for ME was to show me that I would prob really like a Bloody Mary (nope, never had one! ) I actually had no idea until I saw the ingredients in this one (though I'll not have the hell version myself.) We're regulars at ECG brunch so now I know what I'll be having at our next brunch there! Thx so much....And congrats on your boy!

    1. I LOVE BRIAN!!!! He is my favorite bartender ever. He's nice, friendly, smart and VERY good at his job.

      We love to spend lazy Sundays at the bar with him.

      I have never had him make me a bloody, as the bloody bar is just too damn enticing to me, but it looked great.

      Thanks for posting this!

      1. Awesome! We love Brian at ECG and Abigail's. He makes a fine drink!