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May 11, 2012 07:07 PM

Chef Headed to Scottsdale

Hey everyone,

looking for some help. I am staying at the four seasons at troon, and I will have a car, so getting to restaurants wont be an issue, and we will take a cab if we have to if its farther away.

I have read about cowboy ciao? Olive and Ivy and Kai. just from cruisin the net.

My wife and I are foodies, and we eat everything. i would love to to experiance authentic southwest cuisine. i want to learn as i eat. so we are hoping for some local flavors along with some high end restaurants mixed in. We will be in scottsdale for 6 nights. one of those nights we will be in sedona so i will need a recommendation there too.

Thank you everyone in advance for any and all responses.


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  1. In PHX, I would hit up Binkleys, Lon's at the Hermosa, T. Cook's, Durant's, Los Dos Molinos and Carolina's Mex.
    Kaz bar in Scottsdale for wine and app's.
    I've only had drinks and app's at Kai and is beloved on this board.

    Sedona, my fave is Elote Cafe for dinner...unbelievably good...lunch at the stunning Enchantment Resort...Garland Lodge is another dinner non-guests.
    Wildflower Bread and Company or Coffee Pot for breakfast.
    Rock Springs Cafe for great pie off the I-17 near PHX.

    1. In Phoenix/Scottsdale, I would consider Posh, FnB, Quiessence, Atlas Bistro and The Mission.

      In Sedona, I would hit up Elote and Garland's.

      Enjoy your stay.

      1. My "must-do" list would be:

        Cowboy Ciao

        Now, that is NOT to diminish T.Cook's, Lon's or others, but if I had to limit myself, those would be where I would start.

        Most of all, enjoy!


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          Just so you're aware Kai is very far from the Four Seasons - about 40 miles. So if you go to dinner there be sure to avoid rush hour times on the way to your reservation.

          1. re: PHXeater

            Oh, I am very familiar with the exact distance to Kai, just as I am with the distance to Binkley's, but feel that each is worth the drive.

            As we love our wines, we always just have a towncar to take us to either, but without the wines, an auto can make either trip in about 30 mins., depending on traffic.

            For us, it is about the food, and not the distance.


          1. Thank you guys, awesome info !!