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May 11, 2012 07:03 PM

Vancouver food tours?

came across a number of food tours as i was researching daytime activities for my trip to Vancouver. they seem like a great lunch option, except for the last which is timed for dinner. anyone have any feedback on these companies?
http://www.vancouverfoodtour.com (dinner tour


also, is the street food really that good or stick to restaurants?


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  1. I've never taken any food tours so I'm no help there. As for the food carts, there are a few that get consistent mentions but overall I've not been super impressed. I also find them relatively expensive. I suppose it may depend a bit on where you're coming from and the possible novelty. I like the Tacofino fish tacos, and the takoyaki from Isa.

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      I can recommend both http://www.vancouverfoodtour.com for dinner and http://foodietours.ca for lunch.

      The street food is pretty hit or miss. Mostly miss. If you are coming in the summer when the weather is nice, then I think giving a one or two of the carts a try might be a good idea. La Brasserie (the chicken sandwich) and Soho Road Naan Kebab (their naan is the highlight as they make them fresh to order in a tandoor) are my current favourites.

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        ...and there are always the Japadog carts...still my favourite street food in the city.