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May 11, 2012 06:26 PM

College Graduation - Brunch in the Santa Cruz Area

I'll get to the question! I'm a soon to be graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz and I'm looking for a great place to eat brunch with my family and friends.

The really big concerns are the restaurant has to be big enough to fit 10 - 15 people and the restaurant can take reservations one month in advance. After being in Santa Cruz for the past four years, I can't really say Santa Cruz has great food (maybe it has to do with my limited budget =) ). All in all I can't seem to find a good place to eat for my family and friends. I have searched this forum and looked at yelp but come across the usual suggestions of cafe brasil or zacharies.

I'm thinking the ceremony will be over around 11:00 AM and we get to the restaurant by maybe 12:00 (noon).

If money doesn't matter ( I wish that was true ), what would you recommend as a great restaurant for a special event?

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  1. The Chroncile just ran a nice article by Michael Bauer on April 15 on Santa Cruz Dining destinations. My son also attends UCSC and so we've tried a number of them...One that looks especially interesting but was closed last time we were there is the Main Street Garden cafe in Soquel. That looks big enough for your group. There's also Walnut Ave. Cafe and Crow's nest if you'd like a view. Check out the article for more ideas. Congrats on your graduation!

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      Second Main Street Garden in Soquel. We went there for our son's graduation last year. There is a big grassy area in the rear that can accommodate your group as well as inside the house. Inventive menu, good food.

    2. It's nice when family visits from out of town to take them someplace that really shows off Santa Cruz. The Crow's Nest at the Yacht Harbor has a nice brunch and could accommodate the size of your group. Chaminade would be much more expensive but has a wonderful view and a great brunch. Both would impress.

      1. The Cellar Door / Le Cigare Volant just got a new chef. They can handle groups that size.

        1. If Aptos isn't too far, you might visit Sanderlings in Seascape & see if that would work for you.

          Had a Sunday lunch/brunch there last spring with Mom & her older sister, which was enjoyed . . rather regular offerings, but nice. Parking garage under the restaurant.

          1. Which day of the week will this be? If Friday, Oswald does lunch.

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              For your size group and the occassion, really Chaminade would be the best. It's really festive, does a great brunch, and is set up for larger groups. We love it for special celebrations.