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May 11, 2012 06:09 PM

Fresno Chowhounds?

What has happened to to the Fresno Chowhounds? I haven't seen any recommendations for or against a Fresno restaurant for months now! i had a great Chicken Ticka Masala last night at The North India Bar and Grill . Chef Liu has been ringing my bell at Hunan Restaurant ! El Toro Cafe is down on my list with greasy Taco shells. Alla's Armenian Restaurant has been getting their cudos! I care what you think about your eating out experiences! I definitely want to hear them! I really hope you folks get back on point here! Fresno has sooo many good places to try! They surely don't have to be high caliber places,...just good ,tasty food!! Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. You can call me a Fresno hound although I chow up and down the valley especially in Modesto, Merced, Fresno, and Bakersfield.
    Valley posts in general seem to be rare these days.

    1. Sadly, lack of opportunities lately to explore much the past few months. One bright note last night:

      Reports are that Ripe Tomato is back up to par, and that Mi Casa that moved into the old Tamale Shop at Van Ness and Shaw is doing good things, especially carnitas.

      The Bee reported that Organic Fresno, 903 N. Parway Dr, is putting out a good Putanesca (no pun intended, trying to avoid sarcasm) and a revamped diner, Golden State Grill, which opened last month at 3767 S. Golden State Blvd, might be worth a shot.

      A little Mexican place at Belmont & Hughes (iirc) also got some thumbs up recently.

      Guiseppe Gallo at Willow and Alluvial is high up on our list.

      My houndly BIL reports enjoying the dishes at Vino and Friends along with their wine selections.

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        My stop at Organic Fresno was just to pick up a beverage, as posted here. If anyone else has had a chance to try it, please add your report to the thread.

        1. re: PolarBear

          Actually there is a little pit of pun intended with Organic Fresno offering Putanesca, it is a bit of a play on the location.

        2. Sadly, I have become a reader more than a contributor these days! Will attempt to liven things up! Agree that Fresno has some amazing eats out there - I am continually impressed by the amazing places that contribute the food scene.

          1. I have to rave about Hunan at the new Clovis location. They are incredible. I have found nothing like them anywhere else in the valley. My particular favorites are the Dumplings with homemade sauce, Mongolian Lamb, Hunan Chicken and Hunan Beef. Simple yet thoughtful preparations, and the consistency is incredible. Chinese food can be very hit and miss, this is all hit!

            1. I want to report on Taco's Tijuana y Mariscos n Fresno.
              I had just landed after a long trip on the east coast and was craving Mexican food.
              Since I live in Merced, and I am not familiar with Fresno Mex scene, I Busted out the yelp app and searched Mexican restaurants and came across this place.
              The restaurant is in a pretty rough area of Fresno, regardless the food was awesome.
              I ordered two tacos, one crispy beef and one carne asada, and one shrimp coctel. All the food was delicious and tasted fresh. The shrimp coctel is one of the best I've had, very crisp and fresh tasting with lots of plump shrimp. I'll definitely go back.