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May 11, 2012 05:24 PM

Your views on white non-stick pans

Some of the cooking shows use the white colored non-stick pan (like a dutch oven)... the food just seems to look nice with the white contrast :)

But I'm not sure if this is good enough to last for a decent time (not years)

Those of you who tried them, what are your experiences?


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  1. Do you know if this is the more traditional Teflon pan or the ceramic green nonstick pan?

    The Teflon frying pan will probably lose its coating in a few years if not sooner. The ceramic pan, as far as I know, will look about the same, but simply loses its nonstick ability.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      The one above has ceramic coating. Are any Teflon pans that are white?

    2. White pans before Memorial Day?

      1. I've cooked some Chinese pot stickers in my white ceramic pot because they won't cook in my SS. I finish them by leaving a crispy crust on the bottom. You can see dumplings and other bits turn light brown to darker brown with the white contrast. It's pretty interesting to see foods slowly brown.

        The surface tension is very high so oil and water slide around and separate into droplets almost like mercury.

        Cleaning is a breeze, it's easy to spot anything with the white colored ceramic. Like spotting a stain on a white T-shirt.

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        1. re: unprofessional_chef

          <The surface tension is very high>

          Probably not surface tension. :)

          Nevertheless, it is great that you have good experience with the cookware. How long have you been using it? The reason is that many ceramic cookware lose its nonstick properties in 6 month to a year -- depending how often you use them.

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            I have the Berndes Professional white ceramic 24 cm pot. It's my first piece of cookware that's made in Germany. I don't think it's even sold retail in the US.


            I've only cooked pot stickers in the Berndes 4-5 times. But I also have a Greenpan 2 qt saucepan with the older maybe original ceramic coating. It's mainly for sticky foods like oatmeal, pot stickers, some soups, and sometimes rice. The greenpan was purchased about 5 months ago. I don't cook it everyday like with SS. So far I haven't experienced the "loss of nonstick properties" as others have. Can't let internet chatter prevent me from trying something because I like to judge things for myself. Can't love or hate something if I haven't tried it.

            Of course, I'm still eagerly waiting for the ceramic to fail so I can report how it happened here.

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              U.C. was probably referring to the surface tension of the liquids that fall on the pan's surface. It's what causes them to bead.