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May 11, 2012 03:28 PM

Limoges area

We're expecting to visit with a French friend in mid-September at her new home in Limoges. Can anyone provide suggestions on good places in that area to eat and to stay (prefer b&bs rather than hotels)?

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  1. Relais Chateau La Chapelle st Martin --- the absolute nicest place to stay - beautiful park, wonderful staff, superb restaurant. For meals: Le Chalet for Limousin beef cooked perfectly accompanied by wonderful copious sides--- ask for Raymond and tell him "Michel's american wife on a food forum" sent you. Try lunch in the covered market "les halles"-- have a super greasey beignet or buckwheat crepe called a "galetou" (in les halles) Chez Alphonse just outside the market, La Table du Couvent, do not miss La Maison du Fromage - best Saint Nectaire in France... have a great trip

    1. We stayed at Moulin de la Gorce/Roche à l'Abeille in a beautiful suite with a stream running through it and dined in their gourmet restaurant. It is about 15 miles below Limoges.

      1. Moulin de la Gorce also runs a less expensive bistro in the village of La Roche l'Abeille which has a great local reputation. Just on the edge of Limoges in Isle, Le Printemps is a friendly relaxed place with a good table.