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May 11, 2012 03:14 PM

Indian food like Mama used to the UK

We are coming to Manhattan for 5 days vacation next month. We miss decent indian food and there are no indian restaurants in Naples, Florida, where we live. WE had 30 years of really good indian food in England and now we are in a chicken tikka and naan bread desert. We only have 6 dining out oppotunities and do not want to waste any. Can anybody help with any suggestions?

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  1. How do you want to spend before tax, tip, and wine/drinks? Your title makes it sound like you want Indian home cooking...?

    1. Like Mama used to make in the UK... is a tall order. London is several notches above NYC. The Indian food in NYC suffers from not-so-fresh spices, lack of regional specialties or street food. There are a few reputed upper-scale Indian restaurants (Junoon, Tamarind - can't comment on their quality), otherwise the best Indian food in Manhattan in concentrated in a small strip of Lexington Ave between 24 and 28 St. Home-style Indian cooking? I don't think so.

      If you can get out to Queens (take #7 subway to Jackson Heights) you probably should. Mumbai Grill is arguably the most respected restaurant there . And while you are there, stop by Maharaja for sweets (they also offer a decent chaat). Please consider posting to the Outer Boroughs forum.

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        I couldn't agree more. Don't expect to get inexpensive- or moderate-priced Indian food in Manhattan that's comparable to a good curry house in London. The standard of Indian food is so much higher there, it's just not comparable. Definitely inquire on the Outer Boroughs board.

      2. If you really want good indian, you have to post on Outer Boroughs board. I encourage you to take the 7 train to Jackson Heights, it is a great NYC experience. You must stop by Rajhbog Sweets. They are the Gujarati king