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May 11, 2012 02:56 PM

Dining around St. Cloud

I'll be traveling to St. Cloud on business in August. Any suggestions for non-chain dining would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you can give suggestions on farmer's markets or local producers to check out, I'd appreciate it.



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  1. My sympathies on finding non-chain dining in St. Cloud. Having lived there for years, I can tell you that good food not from Sysco is very difficult to come by. Nonetheless, I do recommend several places:
    1) Bravo Burrito: Delicious, large burritos with a variety of toppings.
    2) Val's Hamburgers: Like no place else. Good, not great, but for a greasy burger and 5 pounds of french fries, you could do much worse.
    3) Anton's Fish and Whiskey: Sounds like a dive, but is actually your best option for "fine" dining in St. Cloud. Enjoy the popovers which are served complimentary, and are delicious.
    4) Jimmy's Pour House: I like this place for pub grub. Again, good, not great, but they use bakery fresh buns on their burgers, and that counts for something.

    Maybe there are people who live there now who can give more current recs, but that is a start.

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      Thanks for your sympathies and advise. I'll give your places a try!

    2. I usually go to Jules Bistro when in St. Cloud. Fresh and good sandwiches, soups, pizzas, and salads.

      Bravo Burrito has been good, too, but it has been a few years since I've been there so I'm not as confident recommending it.

      Must respectfully disagree about Anton's - did not care for the meals I had there, and prices were quite high considering the quality of the food.

      Please let us know if you find a new gem!

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        Thanks for the advise, if I find anything new I'll let you know.