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good, cheap pre-theater dinner suggests for tonight near 6th and mission?

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  • klo4c May 11, 2012 02:32 PM
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Please, anyone care to weigh in?

Lers Ros
Turtle Tower
Tu Lan -- haven't been in probably ten years but loved it then

Others? I'd include Lahore Karahi as well, but I've been reading about the change since new ownership.

Or, for something completely different...Farmer Brown -- never been for dinner but I've had their fried chicken app at the bar, and loved it. (I know it'd be a slightly higher tab than any of the above.)

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  1. Lers Ros or Burmese Kitchen.

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    2. 6th and Mission? how about Miss SaiGon located at, you guessed it 6th and Mission.