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May 11, 2012 02:31 PM

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that got made over BEFORE the makeover, and then saw it on TV?

I am always curious when watching shows like Restaurant Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares what the customers who have eaten in those places before the makeovers think when they see how disgusting the place was, especially the ones with vermin and massive health code violations. What do you think? Have you ever eaten at a place and then saw it made over on TV? Would you eat there again after the makeover? Some places I would not eat at even after the makeover, because you can tell the owners aren't really going to do things differently than they did before...

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  1. Nope, Never had.I think somewhere there are some reviews for the San Antonio restaurant Mamma'Lee's kitchen.But it was their location on Walzem Road that was made over, not their first one elsewhere in town which is not made over. I'm trying to stay away as much as possible in regards to eating out,as it costs money and i'd rather save that money by home cooking.That is unless I go someplace like the mall or where, and then I'll get a Subway or grilled chicken sandwich from Chic Fila.

    1. I have. I ate at Chiarella's in Philadelphia a few times before it was on Kitchen Nightmares. Fortunately, the place wasn't dirty or unsanitary, just a dated menu with bad management. Any time I ate there I thought it was very good. I haven't been back since the show, but I've heard good things.

      1. Yes. Three locations in my area. and none of them were vermin-infested - although **filth,** probably manufactured was mentioned. All three stores had other problems.

        They all failed immediately after GW visited. Location for each was a factor, but - well - even after Mr. Ramsay visits, it must might not work. It didn't in these cases. And that is sad.

        1. Funny you should ask. I had dinner at La Campania in Fair Lawn, NJ, BEFORE Chef Ramsey visited and made it over. Noisy, crowded, black-clad crowd (just an observation, I grew up in Fair's the norm for what to wear out), but the food was decent, IMO. Since the visit, the place closed, the owner was arrested for drugs and then committed suicide. I hope I don't run into Chef Ramsey!

          1. yep and then it got its makeover and now it's back to old tactics.