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May 11, 2012 01:51 PM

Shop, lunch, sing and dance on rue Mouffetard, Sunday afternoons

Shop the end of the market, find lunch on the street (perhaps a savory tarte from Maison des Tartes), then wander back down to the foot of the street for singing and dancing to traditional songs.

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  1. Mangeur - I'm getting to Paris mid-afternoon on Sunday. What time does the dancing end? Thanks.

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    1. re: RCF

      Pti? Parigi? I really don't know. I've been around through 2:30 or so and it was still going strong.

    2. ...."find lunch on the street (perhaps ...."

      or....perhaps try out the oeuf mayonaise at Le Jardin d'Artémis...? Sounds like a plan to me.

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      1. re: saticoy

        Dans Les Landes is an easy walk from there.

        I think the ball is a Sunday noon thing. I have always seen it between noon and 1pm.

      2. Grab a table on the terrace of La Bourgogne at 10am for a petit déjeuner on Sunday morning, slowly nibble and sip, and you will have a ringside seat for the "musette" starting at 11. Unfortunately, it's all tango and foxtrot etc. The traditional Paris style of dancing (each partner takes a firm two-hand grasp of the other's buttocks) is rarely seen anymore. And for a zen moment after all the frolicking, drop into the Saint Médard church for maybe a free(ish) choral or organ recital. Paris is a great place for contradictions and incongruity.

        "la Mouffe" is indeed a fun quartier and, even better, 3 of my favourite restaurants --- Dans les Landes, Lilane and l'Agrume-- are in the vicinity. But, foodwise, the area's mix of the good and the dire can make for some very unpleasant surprises. And in the peak summer season, the hordes of tourists can sometimes seem like there is a frequent shuttle service straight from the place du Tertre to the rue Mouffetard (with stop-offs at the rue des Rosiers for falafel). But every year la Mouffe survives the onslaught and, by la rentrée, has recovered her real and quite delightfully Parisien character.

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          Thanks all. If I miss it my first Sunday, I'll try again the second Sunday I'm there.