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May 11, 2012 12:31 PM

Beasty Burgers - Red Bank

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  1. How big are they? At those prices, the large ought to be over a half pound, and the smaller at least a quarter pound. And even then it's a little steep, no matter how good it is.

    And they ought to knock off at least a couple bucks for the horrible double butchering of their supposed difference: Au's Juice Sauce (sic). (Unless the sous chef who prepares it is named Au.)

    Well, at least it's not an Italian joint.

    1. Was owed lunch by a co worker so we went to Beasty . I am a burger person and frequently disappointed by most, gotta recommend the burger here. They use Prime meat and you can taste it. To the tool who groused about it without trying it stick to Burger king pal. Not a fan of the owner but wisely he outsourced the kitchen to someone who knows what he's doing. Had the
      Guinness Cheddar Bacon burger. The cheese sauce doesn't taste of that nasty beer but brings out the sharpness of the cheese without bringing out the separated oil . Fries were crispy and decent but I tasted too much oil aftertaste Bun was nicely toasted and the lettuce tomatoe onion were sparse but thinly sliced and the pickle a good one. I asked I'd they used Hellmans which they do and they had to get from the basement; weird but it was Hellmans. Ordered med-rare and was cooked perfectly. Their differentiation is that they sear one side nice with a nice crust then flip and cook the other side in the Au -Jus which makes the burger very soft and very wet and juicy. The Au Ju really. Is unneeded IMHO because the burger was really juicy to repeat. I would give my burger a 9.

      1. I'm always looking for an excuse to go to Red Bank. I love all the independent shops and restaurants. Starbucks, as the only identifiable chain, kind of ruins it. So I had an obligation to this thread to check out Beastie Burger. Agree with livingloving that is was very good quality. It was also a generously sized patty. I was really full after. The girls waiting the tables are friendly and one of the cooks asked me how I liked it. I would hit it up again.

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          I have not been there but my understanding is they are sharing space with the local coffee shop No Ordinary that correct? I have been to that coffee shop many times over the years and it seems like an odd marriage to me to try and join these two concepts.

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            Yes jr. the two are sharing space. food in the back and coffee up front. i have not been in yet.

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              Agreed. I would have never noticed Beasty Burgers if I wasn't looking for it, and wouldn't have tried it if I did because it looks like an afterthought with the coffe shop.

          2. Had a really good burger here. Don't have time for a long post, but the cliff notes are:

            fresh, juicy, comforting.

            Great addition to my favorite town.

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              I have to add a +1 to this thread. I found myself at river view this evening with my fiancee. I had a long wait in the ER and was getting hungry and avoided the vending machine. We finally decided on Beasty Burgers. I haven't posted anything on here lately because we started Weight Watchers and successfully lost a lot of weight .18+ pounds for me. And you guys know the kind of greasy spoon type food the old me used to like. But we decided we could fit it in with our weekly extra points and step up a level or two in class.

              I'm glad we did. It was well worth the Weight Watchers Points we had to "spend".

              Cliff's notes: Pros - everything was delicious Cons- a bit on the spendy side.. but I knew that going in.. and it was probably worth it.

              I had the Cowboy Burger and a side of fries (big enough for two), my Fiancee has the Pixburger JR and a side of Mac and cheese (which we also shared).

              The cheese sauce is a great creation and is a taste you can't get anywhere else. That Au Jus is to die for.. I wanted to drink it right from the little cup. The french fries where just.. Awesome.. crispy on the outside, just enough potato-ness on the inside, and salted perfectly. After doing some heavy avoiding of carbs for the past couple weeks.. These fries where WELL worth it..

              The sandwich sits alone in my opinion. Its not like another burger around. Its moist and not greasy, and is also full of flavor. The BBQ sauce, Cheese Sauce, Frizzled onions, bun, and also the raw Lettuce Tomato Onion really worked in Harmony. The Sandwich and it's ingredients where really put together by someone who knows what they are doing in my opinion. It is a complete experience. To take it to another level.. take some of that au jus and slather it on.. I would love having it on a steak sandwich... be sure to ask for extra napkins.. ur gunna need it with a masterpiece of sandwich that is this burger.

              Service was friendly, accurate, efficient, and kept our drinks refilled. We sat outside on the sidewalk. Was really nice actually, Red bank was getting pretty slow around the time we showed up. Fiancee was on crutches, so I was thankful to get a nearby spot.. which on the weekends, we all know is impossible.

              Every review NEEDS a critique right? Well, I could only dig REALLY deep and find two. 1. Prices are a bit spendy.. but.. in all honesty.. for the quality and flavors you are getting it is NOT out of line. We paid $32 for two burgers, 2 sides, and 2 sodas. The same food items ordered would be around $26 or so at a diner... and at that point, we aren't even really comparing the same thing. Don't get me wrong.. I love a good quality Diner burger and quite enjoy them, but lets be honest, those are frozen patties from Restaurant Depot or US Foods or the like, they are thawed out, and thrown on the charcoal while the cook is making 37 other things... its not a dedicated higher class burger joint... you are almost never going to find Guinness Cheese Sauce with Shallots and Roasted Garlic in a Diner.. and I've eaten probably hundreds of pounds worth of diner fries in my life, and not once did they ever compare to the Fries at Beasties. And.. it's Red Bank.

              Second negative Critique I could manage to find. The Coleslaw was a bit too creamy for my tastes. But to preface that, I'm not a fan of mayo on anything, and the pixburger seems to use coleslaw instead of mayo, so it is natural to assume that it would be a bit more creamy. I like coleslaw to be more cabbage-y.. but its a personal taste thing. My Fiancee prefers Creamier to Lighter..

              So all in all.. I'll be back for sure. I also noticed that the coffee shop has milkshakes and few desert type things. Also Iced Coffees, so it might be a nice thing to look into for dessert after you destroy that burger work of art.

              A Welcome Addition to Red Bank in My book. I hope they do great. Well worth the Money and the Weight Watchers Points!

              1. re: coldsolderjoint

                oh.. i forgot to mention.. the sizes of the burgers..

                cantkick.. you asked. in the first reply..

                I didn't bring my scale, but I have been practicing making burger patties at home using a small press, and I know that a normal diner burger is usually 8 oz.

                So my estimations:

                My Burger was probably an 8 ounce.

                My finances burger which was the JR size was probably around 5 oz

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                  Given the quality you described, and the size, which seems to be around what you'd get at a pup-type place, the price sounds fine, a good (great?) value.

                  I'll try to get there soon.

                  1. re: cantkick

                    also sounds like one and a side if enough for two

                    1. re: Papa Bing

                      Found ourselves back there tonight. I tried an original with a side of fries, my fiancee decided on the apple salad.

                      All the tables outside where full, so we sat inside in the back, and there was live music, guitarist and bongo drum player redoing classic rock songs. They where actually really good.

                      Our waitress was great, kept our drinks filled, and checked on us regularly. Food was great again. Consistent quality and flavors compared to my last visit.

            2. Went back almost 2 months after my original post. Got the Jersey which is pork roll egg and cheese on a burger ordered the pork roll well done the egg over medium and the burger med-rare. Burger was overcooked and unlike my first experience this was a disappointment. Got the fried pickles and I tried my friends onion rings. I liked them both. Had the lava cake which was also a nice thing tasting wise not calorie wise. Waitress was nice and friendly but the burger was a "6. Can't win them all. My other friends came in later and their burgers were cooked correctly and they enjoyed there's so it wasn't a total disappointment. My other friend got the oh so hot overcooked but good tasting. I'll try again