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May 11, 2012 12:25 PM

Charleston, SC with a 9 yr.old

Hello Hounds! Will be visiting in mid-July for 3 days (staying at the Francis Marion Hotel). My son is an adventurous eater (eats everything from sushi to 'Q) and gets frustrated with typical "Kids Menu" fare (frozen pizza, mac & cheese, etc). We plan on walking around A LOT. Looking for breakfast, lunch & dinner spots - nothing too fancy (meaning fine dining). Trying to stay away from family restaurant chains & typical tourist places. We're all about quality food that's worth the price you're paying for it. There will also be one night where we meet up with family who will have a 5 yr. old in tow that's more of a picky eater so any suggestions for that are welcome too!

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  1. You should really start by doing a search an here; there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of posts asking for similar recs. Once you do that, if there some specific questions, I'm sure you will be able to get answers. Some threads to check out are:

    1. carolinadawg is right. We'll be happy to help if you can narrow it down a little.But good for you for raising a little Hound!

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        Thanks - I did search around & didn't really find anything that specfically addressed family friendly places - they all seem to be couples or groups of college-age or older.

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          I think you'll find virtually all restaurants in Charleston to be family friendly, especially for a family with a child is is looking to eat "adult" food. Within the historic district you won't find many chains. If you read through previous posts you'll start to see some of the same places pop up...Hominy Grill, Jestines, Husk. FIG, Cru Cafe and many others. Read the comments, look at the websites and you'll get a sense for the prices and menus and be able to determine if thats what you're looking for. if you want to know if a specific place is "family friendly", I'm sure Sue or others will be happy to tell you. Of course, opinions on what constitutes "family friendly" may vary. And if your 9 year old is an adventurous eater, then I wouldn't be too worried about how family friendly a place is, frankly.

      2. Most, except for the really high end places, are family friendly. People live and raise families here, and hospitality is what we do. I'm not part of a couple (and never will be again:D) and I go out alone or with friends and sometimes their children all the time.

        Are you looking for something kid centric? A place that's only families? You'll see lots of tourist families in the herd-em-in, heard-em-out spots near the Market, but I don't like any of them.

        Look at Hominy Grill, The Grocery, Closed for Business, Fleet Landing (go for the view, the food is ok) Amen, and Shi-Ki for sushi. Shi-Ki is family owned. I've been there for dinner when their children were doing their homework at the nest table. Adorable.

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          Thanks to you both! We live in Boston & there are some spots that I enjoy dining at but wouldn't take my son to because it's thought to be a great "date night" spot or the crowd is all 30-somethings... I just didn't want to pick any places that I would get looked at funny for walking in with a kiddo (even as adorable & well-mannered as he is). I forget my family's southern roots of hospitality means everyone is welcome. =)

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            I'm sure he is adorable and smart-he hates kids' menues! And there ARE places that won't be comfortable for him. He would be welcome, but places like Cypress and McCrady's would bore him senseless. Look at the ones C-dawg and I mentioned, and let us know if you have more questions.