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May 11, 2012 12:18 PM

Vancouver, Whistler, Salt Spring, Sechelt?

We're planning a BC Adventure and require top foodie destination help!! Great adventurous winelists are also an attraction.

in Vancouver - Chinatown destination and awesome oyster spots and somewhere to score spot prawns. great Indian or Greek?

what I've planned:
Vancouver: Hawkshead, l'abbatoir, BWC, Tojo's or Miko
I've noted Yew, Cru, Vij's and the Fresh Local Wild Truck.

Whistler: Sidecut, pasta lupino - is Araxi worth our time?

salt Spring: Hastings House

Sechelt/sunshine coast - we'll have a kitchen - oysters?

abbotsford: ???

all and any help is appreciated :)


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  1. I've had nothing but great meals at Araxi, but you have to be prepared for the hit to the wallet. If money is no object I would recommend it without hesitation. They definitely fit the bill as far as a great wine list is concerned.

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    1. re: jerkstore

      Thanks for the thumbs up on Araxi.

      I've just added to my list: The Salt House, JapanDog cart and Chambar in Vancouver.

    2. Sunshine coast: spot prawns, and cook 'em yourselves. You can buy still kicking off the boat in Gibson's Landing, or Off the Hook seafood up in Pender Harbor/Madeira Park.

      1. here is some sunshine coast info --- there are several places to buy fish, including the popular Sharkey's in Roberts Creek http://sharkeysfishlocker.squarespace... ... i also recommend the fish shop in downtown sechelt - owned by Mike and Mokie (i think) http://www.sustainablesunshinecoast.c....

        Beldis is a fish shop on a boat in Gibsons Landing tho i have not bought stuff there. -- look for their sign near MOlly's reach and walk down the wharf to find it.

        the best spot prawns i bought were from the fish shop in Sechelt. But another time i have bought them off a boat in Porpoise Bay (near hte Lighthouse Pub) and i think they had been brought down from Madeira Park - they were OK - a bit mushy

        and now i will paste below some info that i posted a couple of months back in response ot chow-worthy day trips from Van - forgive me if this is not "done" but i'm doing it -

        go and see where fish really come ashore at the dock - i recommend a day trip from West Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay) to Sunshine Coast (Gibsons Landing). You will take a ferry ... you pay on the West Van side and it's good for a return trip. Yes, you can walk aboard and take transit (no dogs tho unless an aid dog) or you can drive your rental car aboard the big ship (your dog stays in the car). Make sure you plan your travel times because it does get busy at certain times (BC Ferries website describes all the busy times based on computer models). It is an amazingly scenic 40 minute "cruise" and then once on the Gibsons Landing side of the mainland (not an island) head in to the small village and take a walk on the wharf (a commercial boat wharf, not all pleasure craft). Any 40-something year old and up Cdn will remember Molly's Reach - it's a quaint restaurant now.

        If you have an apartment in the city, go to Sharkey's Fish Locker in Roberts Creek (just past the golf course, turn UP the hill at the stop lights) and get real fish - it's only open certain days - i think they have a website. It's a small town experience but one that a real New Yorker might enjoy for a change. You can't get any more genuine coastal BC this close to Vancouver.

        if you have a dog, there are lots of beaches and play areas for busy dogs. Bring an old towel for his drying his feet and he'll have the stick-chasing holiday of doggy dreams.

        ps - there is outdoor seating at Molly's Reach - i have seen dogs eyeing their guardians' meals. Very pet friendly community.

        People also like Smitty's Oyster House - it is below Molly's REach, right on the sea walk and wharf.

        i hear good things about Sweet Water Bistro in the pink house near Molly's Reach. I have never eaten there but it gets good reviews. Not sure what is on menu.

        in the "upper" part of Gibsons you'll find the usual chains incl Starbucks - but there's a relatively new place called Bliss that is across the st from the Shell Gas Station on Gibsons Way. Soup, bread, treats, coffees - not the cheapest prices but well worth it.

        there are several local farmgate stands - here is a pdf brochure from one non-profit organization that promotes local food

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Glad I'll have a kitchen on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks George & J for the rec's. We will definitely seek out Spot Prawns there and visit the docks. Much appreciated.

          1. re: Switch

            and be sure to go to some of the farm-gate stands for fresh veggies. Bring small change cash cuz most are "put the money in the box" kind of self-serve honour system. If you are out and about early, might find some fresh eggs too.

            it's a fun bike ride around this route described below -- (ie park somewhere near Tim Hortons Gibsons and then ride or WALK around the back roads with your back pack.

            near Gibsons, WEST of IGA Marketplace - Tim Hortons etc ... you'll find ...
            Henry Reed (supplies Feastro (one of the trucks downtown
            across the road is The Green Room stand,
            then nearby is Backyard Bounty stand, and then a few feet away to the WEST is something about Sunshine --- a kind of retro hippy sign - good for them, it's new, and they seem young and enthused.

            and then further along Russell Road, on the old s-turns (near Coastal Tire shop) is a small farm stand in the shade ...

            and then you're back out on the Hwy 101 again heading twd Sechelt.

            refer to the for some directions but there are some new ones that might not have updated.

            this is another popular thing to do -- meet the lady who makes this amazing Indian (south asian) food at a certain time and place (pre-order many days in advance - see website) and self-cater as they say in the UK

        2. ps - for Abbotsford - there is the Ah Beetz pizza place but it was sold and i don't know how good it is now. Maybe other Chows can answer -- here is a years-long thread

          1. Salt Spring:
            The Hasting's House is lovely, especially on a sunny day or evening. Get a drink and wander around the property for a bit before dinner (or brunch). Expensive but probably worth it.
            House Piccolo is also wonderful and high end. Cute, with a Scandinavian vibe.

            But please do consider an evening (or lunch) at Marketplace Cafe. It is really outstanding. More laid back.

            Next door to it is an Italian pasta maker who sells excellent fresh pasta to cook at home but also has a few warm take-out items to eat in the park across the street. He can also make up great batch of lasagna to bake at home.

            And if you're there on a Saturday, the weekly market is a combination of great and crappy crafts and fresh local fruit and vegetables and cheese. The goat cheese is famous, but the cow is my fave. Entertaining but crowded.

            Have fun!