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May 11, 2012 12:12 PM

Best Dinner Salads in Hoboken/Weehawken/Edgewater

Hoping for some recommendations here. The Mrs. and I really loved the big salads from Park West Diner in Wayne or Totowa (on 46) when we lived over there and are looking for the same now that we're in Weehawken.

You'd pay 15 bucks or so and get an enormous salad with grilled steak, fresh mozzarella, portbellos, etc...anything along those lines?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Baumgarts cafe in Edgewater might be worth a look. I haven't been there in a while but I had some good salads there.

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      Thanks, at least one reply...maybe I'll check it out tonight!

    2. if you like Cuban flavors, the salads at Rebecca's in Edgewater are are the other menu offerings.

      i'm kinda anti-Baumgart's, but my sister loves their grilled chicken salad.

      Greek Taverna - just up from Baumgart's - has a nice menu of salads...though for a good Greek salad i'd just drive up to It's Greek To Me on Main Street in Ft. Lee. (in fact, the salad is the only reason i go there.)

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        There is also an It's Greek to Me in Hoboken, if you would rather head in the other direction

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          i had no idea there was one in Hoboken so i just looked at their website - i can't believe how much they've expanded over the years! we've found that they have a problem maintaining the same quality across locations - they may all have the same menu, but the execution varies, as does the service.

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            This thread actually inspired me to get a Greek salad from there tonight for dinner.

            I've only been to the Hoboken and Ridgewood locations, and have actually only done take-out from the Hoboken location (so I can't comment on the service). As far as the food itself goes I'd say these two are pretty similar - large portions of pretty good Greek food. Nothing mind-blowing but definitely solid apps, salads, and gyro platters.

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              i've been to Ridgewood a few times because it's closer to my brother's house and his kids like it - i've had decent and not-so-decent meals there. in our house we always go to Fort Lee when dining out or doing takeout because they do a much better job with food *and* service than Englewood. unfortunately Englewood is the one that delivers to us...but at least the delivery guy is a sweetheart ;)

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              I had a good Greek Salad at the Green Kitchen, located in the lobby of the Galaxy on Boulevard East in Guttenberg but open to the public. Haven't been there in a while but I always liked their food.