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May 11, 2012 12:09 PM

72 hour pass in Columbus, GA

Hey Hounds! WIll be picking up my little bro & some of his fellow Soldiers-In-Training June 1-3 for their 72 hour pass from Ft. Benning. None us being from the area, & them not having had "good food" since March leads me to ask you for your best must-try recommendations for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Keep in mind that they are not allowed to leave the Columbus area while on pass. (Any suggestions on things to do/see would be much appreciated too!)

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  1. Here's a couple of previous ppots that might be helpful:

    Please pass along my thanks to your brother and his friends for their service to our country.

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      Thanks - I saw those - I need more! Including breakfast...

    2. They will probably be compelled to drink beer!

      Can't help you, I never go down there, but thank them for their hard work. Bless their hearts, in a good way.

      1. Country's BBQ, three locations.
        Rose Hill Seafood
        Dinglewood pharmacy

        They might enjoy the new Infantry museum. It used to be on post but they built a new one off post after 9-11.

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          Columbus, eh? The only thing that comes to mind foodie-wise around there is the Ranger Burger and its many variations at Four Winds Restaurant in Cusseta, just south of Fort Benning (464 Ga Hwy 26). It's not the best of anything, but its unique and an experience every everyone, especially Fort Benning soldiers, needs to have.

          Second with extreme prejudice kengk's reco of the Museum of the Infantry; they've got some absolutely unbelievable stuff there.

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          1. A few months ago, we stopped for lunch at the Cannon Brewpub. It's in an old building downtown and they've done nice things with the space. The food was decent bar food and DH kinda liked a couple of their beers. It would probably be fun for your crew.

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              The Loft has excellent food in a bar setting, better than Cannon Brewpub. Lots of fun and great food. Country's for BBQ. The Fish Market for good seafood.