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May 11, 2012 10:19 AM

The Eastender - Queen Street East

I've noticed on my morning commute the last few days that a new place called The Eastender has opened up on Queen Street East in the old Tomi-Kro location. Anyone know anything about it? I tried to look it up online, but I'm just getting thousands of links to the British tv show.

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      nothing else to add, except that the menu doesn't sound that exciting...

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        Went today because our fav place was lined up (Hammersmith's I'm talkin' to you).
        It serves us right for being so impatient.....we should have waited.

        This place was overpriced and just didn't do it for us. If my dish wasn't called Lobster Quesadilles, I would have never noticed the lobster ingredient.

        The best part was the banana bread and orange butter. We should have left after that and saved ourselves $30 bucks.

      2. Went on Saturday. Excellent service. Too bad about the food. Fishiest Ontario trout and tasteless accompaniments (the 5 slivers of mushrooms were tasty, but that's it.) In fairness, the daily shrimp chowder was very good and so was the New Zealand sauv blanc.

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          The prices are so low they're unlikely to be successful. Highest priced mains are $20. Wine by the glass is $11.

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            Hi, I've gone three times now since they opened. Twice with large groups of people. Found the staff to be very good. They broke the bill up for each couple, kept the complimentary bread flowing and everyone loved the food. I would say their are definitely some hits and misses but the three times I have been I would say that it was more hits... the appetizer list seems to be strong.. multiple people have had the iceberg salad which is great, people raved about the soup, the salt ribs were also a hit. The misses were definitely the the banh mi buns (far to thick, and the pork belly not very flavorful). Mains I've had a pasta dish which was nice (not memorable but good), and lamb dish which was very very good. The latter was a special. I like having something in the neighborhood that is reasonably priced, where I don't have to remember that they are 'cash only, can hear people at the table talking and where the owner seems to actually care about what is happening in his restaurant. I hope they stick around for a long time.

        2. I had a very disappointing meal at the EastEnder. No Ontario wine or craft beer, despite the neighbourhood that clearly supports local. Food (fish for me, pasta for him) was bland, cold, and portions not reasonable. Sad to see the spot go to waste.

          1. Visited on Saturday evening past as it was my friends turn to book the resto. I wasn't expecting alot after reading the reviews and reviewing the Menu. It was better than SUPERB!

            Owner and staff were helpful and attentive. The food was fabulous and well priced (yes the mains are all at or under $20) I had the beet salad (which i wish i could replicate!), guinness and chocolate beef short rib and my friend had the dumplings and wild boar cannelloni. We are both seasoned fans and critics of the toronto food scene and we were both impressed and will be going back!