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May 11, 2012 10:13 AM

BHM - Food Truck Round-Up tomorrow

In Mtn Brook.

I tried the new Viet truck at Magic City Art Festival the other week but they were out of everything but tofu. I wanted to try their char siu. Anyway, the tofu banh mi was ok, but the wheat "french" roll was way too chewy when it should have been crusty. Also, they advertised jalapenos but my sandwich did not include any. Although it was a festival and thus subject to festival prices, it was not worth $8 at all. Maybe $5 tops. The tofu was good though and I'm not typically a tofu fan.

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    1. Has anybody tried the shindigs or spoonfed grill trucks? Are they worth an out-of neighborhood trip?

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      1. re: tristana

        I've only eaten the buns at Shindigs and they were great. Are they worth driving for? Well they're the only buns in town as far as I know.

        Here is some more info too:

        1. re: tristana

          The hamburger from Shindigs is great!!! The pork belly buns and short rib buns are wonderful as well. Haven't tried Spoonfed yet.

          1. re: sheilal

            Thanks! I'll report back if I try Spoonfed.

            1. re: tristana

              John T. Edge will be signing his book on food-truck food at Pepper Place in the morning, and will head from there to sample some food truck fare for an article. Frankly, if he doesn't hit Taqueria Guzman (the taco truck on West Valley), he's missing out. What other trucks should he hit, and why? (And yes, Shindigs' crispy pork belly buns should be high on that list).

        2. $8 for a banh mi?! I'm accustomed to it be a quick and cheap food costing about $1.50 when I was growing up. Even with inflation, I figure that would be <$3. I realize there may be valid reasons for it costing more, but it would have to be quite good, and different than what I'm used to for it to be wirth $8.

          Aside from that, I really like Shindigs.

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          1. re: Anonymice

            Yeah, I was used to the sandwiches being about $2.50 each before I moved here. Definitely not worth $8, even for a gourmet version.

            1. re: Dax

              It does miss the point. But then again, I feel the same way about $3+ tacos. The common denominator, and the main saving grace, is both can entice people who otherwise never would darken the doors of an authentic restaurant. (Or won't venture to Saigon Noodle House on 280, a newbie-friendly locale).

              1. re: Big Daddy

                True. Cantina is my limit for taco prices, and that's above $3. I much prefer the places on Valley, but don't go that way often.
                Which brings me to part of it: I just want something decent that's closer in. I simply don't drive that much, and thus take only occasional excursions out to places that are as far out as Saigon Noodle House. I realize for a lot of people that's their daily commute (or less than half of it), but I can't deal with that. So I look for good stuff closer in. Unfortunately the trend in sunbelt cities seems to be that the affordability of running a restaurant in the suburbs outweighs the loss of the relatively small proportion of people like me that go out to these areas only on rare occasions.

                1. re: Anonymice

                  Where do you live/what's your range?
                  Unfortunately the suburbanization of America has created this perverse division between what's accessible and what's not -- even within the same metro area.

                  1. re: Big Daddy

                    I live in Southside and my range tends to be within southside/downtown/inner homewood area. I don't really go far down 280 or 65 unless there is a good reason.

                    1. re: Anonymice

                      I realize this is a super old thread but you know about the Guzman/Hermanos taco truck downtown, right?

                      Also, the Avondale Grill next to munchies in Avondale has tacos which are pretty good although the corn torillas are a bit greasy. I had two al pastor and one barbacoa yesterday and they were tasty. They also said they would have empanadas and Fridays and Saturdays (maybe call ahead) plus tamales on occasion. Since Avondale Brewing and Parkside are my bars of choice, I can see going back.

                      1. re: Dax

                        That truck is always good, and I'm glad they have one downtown now. Although I don't get the ceviche anymore. I'm not sure if the shrimp is actually raw or not. If it is, lemon juice just doesn't cut it for me safety-wise.
                        That truck and Shindigs are the trucks for me!

                        1. re: Dax

                          Where does the Taco truck Park downtown, Dax?

                            1. re: Dax

                              Correct. Close to the railroad park.

                                1. re: Dax

                                  Thanks. You try Miami Cafe yet?

                                  1. re: curej

                                    The express one in the carwash in Hoover? It was pretty good on my one visit but took about 30+ minutes just for a cubano and two empanadas.