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May 11, 2012 09:46 AM


We're staying in the Pacific Beach area for the next several days. I'm hoping I get some advice from locals as to their favorite places to eat.

Sit down or take out. Fancy to casual. Any meal of the day. Any price range. Any kind of food.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies on this.

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  1. Cass Street Bar and Grill...oriental chicken salad..
    Cafe Athena
    JRDN for drinks and app's at Tower 23 hotel
    Bahia Don Bravo's taco shop in Bird Rock/LJ
    Los Dos Pedros
    Taco Surf
    Kona's for breakfast at the pier
    Chalkboard Deli
    Filippi's for old school and good
    Rocky's Pub for cheeseburger, fries and a pitcher
    Isabel's Cantina
    Green Flash for drinks and app's
    World Famous at the Surfer hotel oceanfront for lobster taco happy hour
    Mission for breakfast

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      You got it totally covered. All I'd add is BAKED if Jerry200 happens to be strolling in N Mission Beach and has a craving for fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

    2. I think Pacific Beach Fish Shop might be the best restaurant in the history of Pacific Beach.

      They need one downtown too.

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        + 1 for PB Fish Shop. Also like La Perla Cocina for hole in the wall Mexican.

        1. re: stevewag23

          This is sarcasm, right? I mean, craft beer, line ups, inept service and surfers; it all sounds like stevewag kryptonite to me...
          Seriously, I wanted to like this place, but my 2 visits were met with high prices, long waits and a distinct curiosity as to how the PB crowd affords this place. Despite the lack of good beer selection, El Pescador beats the Fish Shop, hands down.

          1. re: CampySD

            CampySD it is not sarcasm. Look for overly exaggerated claims to help you identify it in the future.

            Both PB shop and Pescadero are great! PB more fun and lively, broader menu. Pescadero smaller but the sandwiches are, in my opinion, the best fish sandwiches in San Diego. Even the bread is amazing (not sarcasm)

        2. Latin Chef, Peruvian
          Chupa Cabras, Mex Street tacos etc.
          Bare Back Grill, great burger, excellent happy hour.
          World Famous, ocean front views, good happy hour.

          1. A few more:

            La Playa Taco Shop - particularly for breakfast
            Tap Room - best craft beer selection in the neighborhood

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            1. re: menuinprogress

              I LOVE La Playa. A Mission Beach treasure. Where else do taco shoppers call the owner Mama?