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May 11, 2012 08:58 AM

ISO Watermelon Seedlings

I am planting my garden this weekend and I am looking for watermelon seedlings. Ideally plants that will grow smaller water melons. Does anyone know of a garden center in east Toronto that has them? Home Depot, Loblaws and the Big Carrot have so far been a bust.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Have you tried Bill's Garden Centre on Pape?

    1. Bill's Garden has a great variety, as Prima says.

      But if you're looking for cheap, check out this aquarium shop on the SW corner of Gerrard and Boulton (one block west of Degrassi). They sell garden seedlings and flowers outside. I usually stock up there for basic things then go specialty somewhere else (e.g. Bill's has chervil, for example).

      1. Urban Harvest on Sorauren has them. I hope you have better luck than I did last year. I got two watermelons, one was the size of a silver dollar and the other the size of a tennis ball. My wife laughed her a$$ off when I brought them in the house. She thought that was so funny *%$%$&^*)( :-) Then we both laughed as we tried to eat them.

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          I had over 30 melons on my vine, and at least 5 melons that were over 2 kg, but only 1 was marginally sweet by the end of Sept. Our growing season is a little short for good melons, in my experience, unless you start them in a greenhouse.

          1. re: prima

            I grew melons (not watermelon but melon) 2 years in a row from plants I got from Urban Harvest ( and, btw, they are not on Sorauren, but on the north side of King St east of Sorauren. I ended up getting about 5-8 melons per vine and a nice size. However, none were sweet at all. I am not growing them anymore. Must be something to do with the length of our growing season I guess. I also found the squirrels liked to pick at them.

        2. They're heartbreakers and really not worth the bother. You need zone 6b or warmer--way warmer.