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May 11, 2012 08:45 AM

Specific questions about oysters and other fruits de mer

After creating this map of oysters in Paris:

I decided to make oysters a central part of my food explorations (Parigi's advice: "Seek.") Researching all the places on the map led me to realize that I need one good plateau fruits de mer.

I would love to get some advice to fill some holes in my plans. Yes, cost *is* a consideration. I will be in Paris for 16 days, and I want to experience as much of Paris as I can on a limited (not bare bones, just carefully allocated) budget.

For oysters, I am planning to have Gillardeau at La Mascotte, Cancale at Pleine Mer, and whatever looks good or is recommended La Rotonde, or any of the other places I visit on the map. I need a recommendation for Belon. I see them at LR for 20E for 6, which is probably normal, but would be a considerable commitment. Any other places to look into?

For plateaux de fruits mer, Parnassien's post was very illuminating:

Parigi, your response in that thread about quality is absolutely right, so if I am heading down a dangerous path, please sound the alarms! Here is what I have narrowed it down to:

Le Bar à Huîtres - 49E, described well in the linked post. They include a Belon oyster, which would kill two birds with one stone. Many locations - can combine with sightseeing.

L'Ecallier du Bistrot - 38E, looks amazing. Couldn't find a carte, but loved reading this link ( ) Do you think the price is based on two people? Do you think this place would be OK for a solo diner?

La Mascotte - 40E give or take, love the ability to customize. Planning to go here for Gillardeau oysters before/after a visit to Sacre Coeur. Their web site is so welcoming, and they offer an English version of it, so I think that I can prep enough French phrases to try and do this. Does this sound appropriate as a way to begin the negotiation? "Bonjour monsieur/madame, je voudrais un plateau de fruits de mer. Pouvez-vous m'aider assembler une qui coûtera environ 40 euros, s'il vous plaît?"

Pleine Mer - I can't find much mention of a plateau here. It is right around the corner from my apartment, so I can check it out when I get there, but if anyone knows....?

Thanks as always. I am less than a month out, and ready to taste your amazing city.

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  1. We went to Pleine Mer a few days ago with our oyster locust, aka Deluccacheesemonger.
    I never remember axact prices; but it seems a dozen n°2's were around 15 to 20 euro.
    Pleine Mer has only oysters and smoked salmon and no other food.
    If you live near enough, you can even ask for a takeout. You may have to pay a little extra for the deposit for the crappy plateau. When you return it, you get your deposit back.

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    1. re: Parigi

      What great news! Can't think of anything better than a private oyster feast in comfy clothes after a long day of exploring. Seems a good price for a dozen oysters - is their smoked salmon worth a go? I remember DCM saying that he (he?) was going to try some gulf oysters somewhere...I wonder if there is a report that I missed on another board...would love to read it.

      1. re: saticoy

        If you want a a plateau with oysters already open to go, you must specify to the one-patron-band patron the order and the date/time for the pickup. I imagine you can order for a plate to be picked up an hour after ordering, outside of meal times.

        1. re: Parigi

          Merci - it is less than 400m from my apartment, so I can stop by and dash back, or I can try to call ahead.

    2. Pleine Mer is excellent and they had belons when we were there in April. When you are there do not miss the Kouign Aman for desert.

      l'Ecalier du Bistrot also has belons. Their lunch formule is around 15E and includes 9 #5 belons. They are tiny but very good.

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      1. re: jock

        Holy moly - this 15E formule with belons might merit its own destination trip! So, would the oysters be the entree, and then there would be a plat of their choice?

        Thanks for the heads up on the dessert at Pleine Mer - no idea what it is, but more than game to find out!

        1. re: saticoy

          the nine tiny belons were the entree.

          kouign aman may be the best pastry i have ever had.

          1. re: jock

            Wow - I'm in for the Kouign Aman. Do you mean that at Pleine Mer, it was the best pastry you have ever had? Double in.

            The idea of tiny, incredible oysters is thrilling to me, being in the land of enormous, fleshy gulf oysters. Perhaps I should make a reservation at L'Ecaillier du Bistrot and see if those tiny, lovely oysters are a part of the plateau. If not, I can do the lunch formule.
            Thanks, jock!

            1. re: saticoy

              This is a bit of cross-topic off-topic:
              Did you not write somewhere else you wanted to go to Öslem one evening?
              I have meant to remind you: for Öslem, the vibes are better for lunch.
              But lunch or dinner, it is always one of the most crowded eateries on the street, which is a good sign, right?
              A place very near it with good evening vibes - but serving very different food: good wine bar food - is the wine bar-restaurant Autour d'Un Verre. It is also full full full every night.
              Sorreist for this thread hijack.

              1. re: Parigi

                Thank you Parigi - I am so grateful for your help, from checking in with the UCG at Marche St. Quentin about foie gras, to remembering this from weeks ago! Truly inspiring houndship. I will keep your advice in mind. I'm drowning in a hard-to-edit sea of does Öslem compare to Urfa Dürüm, if at all? Autour d'Un Verre looks lovely, and very reasonably priced....merci!

                1. re: saticoy

                  "Öslem compare to Urfa Dürüm"
                  About the same. Maybe Öslem is slightly better, but it does not have a terrace.
                  If the weather is nice, the Urfa Dürüm terrace is a very funky spot.
                  If there is a heat wave, remember Öslem has … aircon !