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May 11, 2012 08:17 AM

Please comment

Planning our meals for our next trip...
Lunches at August, Parkway, Cochon Butcher & Cassamento
Dinners at Herbsaint, Emerils & then one is open....thinking Praline Connection, Coquette or Dantes?
Would appreciate any thoughts.

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  1. If your trip is in the next 3-4 months you won't be able to try Casamento's.

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    1. re: ndukka562

      Not till September....have never gotten there before because of the times that they are open

    2. My vote goes to Dante from your list. Consider Appoline. It's magnificent.

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      1. re: VeraBlue

        @VeraBlue: Can you expand on your comments re: Appoline? The menu looks fantastic, but there aren't many reviews out there yet (mostly reviews for the old Dominique's). Thanks!

      2. Clancy's is one of my favorite NOLA restaurants. It's Uptown near Audubun Park but it's 10 blocks or so off St. Charles. You will enjoy it.