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May 11, 2012 08:08 AM

CO Restaurant (King Street in CHS)

Went there the other night. I love Vietnamese food , and I was not disappointed. Started out with the pork belly on bun. Very tasty. Wife had pork and crab spring rolls. Also good.

But the pho was the star, and it was quite good. Served the traditional way – noodles, broth and meat in the bowl. Veggies and spicy sauces on the side to add as desired. Garnished with nice lime wedge and sliced jalapenos.

Very nice ambiance. Good selection of beers and interesting cocktails. Oh so stylish interior design and an equally stylish crowd of young folks.

Food top notch and good value for the money. Add in the ambiance and decor and I think they'll have a winner.

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      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        No Sue-- It's down King (340 or something like that). Narrow building painted dark gray on east side of street. Stylish!

        1. re: Tiger66

          I'll have to try it. The sushi place near my house is so good I usually just go there. Thanks for the tip!