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May 11, 2012 07:45 AM

Unusual Gelato Flavors in Rome

Being from San Francisco where unusual ice cream flavors (think prosciutto, foie gras, purple yam, peanut butter and curry, ...) are normal, I've been scouring all of the gelato places I can find for anything out of the ordinary. So far I've found a couple of places that are fantastic.


I had Kentucky, Basil, Cinnamon+Almond. The gelato was good, but they didn't have the parmesan, bruschetta, or anything of their wilder flavors available when I went unfortunately. I went to the Bettolo location. Does anyone know if the Via Lago di Lesina location has more or different flavors on a given day? It's a bit of a trek to go for something I've already had if it's not different.

The place I absolutely loved was Il Gelato Centro Storico:

I had Gorgonzola, Habanero, Blackberry. The habanero was stupendous. It had that amazing habanero kick. Very spicy! The gorgonzola went surprisingly well with the habanero :


My next stop is Al Settimo Gelo:

They don't have their flavors listed on their site, but from the ingredients listed it seems they have an avocado flavor, which I haven't seen so far anywhere else.

Does anyone know if there is someone making prosciutto or uni (sea urchin) flavors in Rome? I asked at one of the shops and they told me that it exists, but they only make it for special events. I once had uni ice cream in Tokyo. It is one of my favorite all time flavors. If I could get it in gelato form, I would be in paradise!

Any other places I should be considering?

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  1. Your choices so far are spot on.
    Another you should try is Gelateria del Teatro, just off Via dei Coronari.
    Also Gracchi.
    Although neither will have anything like uni or prosciutto.
    I know Vice, on Gregorio Settimio does a lot of savoury flavors. And for a while they were even doing Friday evening aperiitivi. You might want to check them out.

    1. I didn't hit it this trip, but this past October I had the most incredible mela verde (green apple) gelato at Gelateria Corona on via Arenula. It was liking biting into a delicious apple.