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May 11, 2012 07:43 AM

Recommendation for early June visit

I will be in town for 3 days at the beginning of June and need a bit of advice. Currently I have this on my itinerary:


Lunch: Not sure, was thinking something Japanese. Sushi is a no-go since wife is pregnant and have already been to Ippudo and Soba Koh. Was thinking Tori Shin unless someone can suggest another good option.

Dinner: Chef's tasting at Torrisi


Lunch: Ai Fiori

Dinner: Tasting menu at Roberta's

Dessert: Probably WD-50 for dessert tasting


Lunch: I have a reservation at Gramery Tavern but am worried that it is a bit far from my hotel beside the WTC. I am going to be leaving straight after lunch and might prefer something closer to the hotel, preferably south of Canal Street. Bouley would have been a good choice but I have been there and am not ready to repeat. Can someone recommend something along the lines of Gramercy or Bouley in that general area or is Gramercy too good to skip?


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  1. For lunch on Friday, you might want to consider North End Grill, in Battery Park City. Chef Floyd Cardoz is in charge of the kitchen and, like Gramercy Tavern, it is owned by Danny Meyer. Delicious food, excellent "Meyeresque" service, and very pleasant ambiance.

    1. No, Gramery Tavern is NOT too good to skip. While it's just 2 dinners over the course of the last 8 months, but both meals got us thinking how this place had not been able to keep up with past culinary successes.

      If you are still willing to venture slightly north of Canal, Minetta Tavern should be considered.

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        I gave a lot of thought about Minetta. But we found the menu less interesting than the lunch tasting menu at Gramercy. But if Gramercy is no good to begin with then that is a different story. But I will consider Minetta again as well as North End Grill as suggested by RGR.

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          Del Posto? I've never been, and some hounds say it's no longer a 4 star experience, but it's definitely an option. I also like La Promenade des Anglais. Or, a slight step down compared to Bouley and Gramercy but still delicious: Andrew Carmellini's The Dutch.