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May 11, 2012 07:00 AM

Iowa City foodie gifts

Any recommendations? I'm looking for easily transportable non-perishables like jams, local honey, etc., but would like something really interesting or unusual. The catch is that the recipients are in San Francisco, so the bar is high. I would do prosciutto from La Quercia, but i think it would need refrigeration. Are Bochner chocolates any good? Any favorite vendors at the farmers market?

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  1. Food from the Amana colonies maybe?

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      Oh, and if you're checking baggage and your friends like booze, Cedar Ridge makes a dynamite bourbon and Templeton of course makes Prohibition Rye, neither of which are likely available on the West Coast.

    2. Bochner Chocolates are VERY good, not to mention visually appealing. San Francisco's got Joseph Schmidt, but we've got Bochner. You might want to go to Wilson's Orchard between IC and Solon and see what they've got in terms of preserves or honey. You can get Maytag cheeses in SF--I could when I lived there, at least, this is 2004--but it never hurts to remind folks that they're from Iowa if you don't remind toting them in a cooler--but then you're back to the refrigeration problem. ...

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        Problem is I hate Joseph Schmidt if they're of that style...blech. I should try Bochner though. Maybe I can make my way there this weekend. I'm thinking some coffee might do the trick. I like the idea of the booze too.

      2. Might be too late for the OP, but I like to give Tiny But Mighty popcorn, from Shellsburg, IA. Only problem is their new packaging doesn't give any clue as to the location that the popcorn is from.

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          oh cool - that looks like a good one. it doesn't matter if it doesn't specify...people in california associate Iowa with corn. I'll have to do that next time.