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May 11, 2012 06:34 AM

Ft. Lauderdale Dives

Staying next to the Harbor Beach Marriott in Ft. Lauderdale for 5 days. Looking for good, lower-price range food. Not terribly worried about atmosphere, just delicious food.

Breakfast: Looking for either somewhere with great pancakes or something Cuban inspired. Willing to drive.

Lunch: Would prefer something on or within walking distance of the beach. Possibly fish tacos or something Cuban.

Dinner: Hoping to find at least one great seafood/fish place. Have my eye on Tom Jenkins for BBQ. Also interested in Cuban food here too.

Any other suggestions for good Ft. Lauderdale dives would be appreciated (i.e. places where nothing matters but the food, and preferably <$20 per person)

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  1. Tom Jenkins would def be high on the "Good cheap food" list. Keep in mind: Closed Sunday and cash only.

    Rok Brgr downtown in Himarshee area could be another to check out. Consistently gets praise as one of best burgers in Broward if not South Florida.

    I haven't been in ages so can't speak to the food, but Southport Raw Bar is quintessential FtL joint, off 17th St Causeway.

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      Tom Jenkins is closed on Monday as well. If you have a car. Georgia Pig is a legit dive with cheap prices and at least in the case of the chopped pork sandwich, an exceptional dish.

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        Jenkins & definitely order the PEACH COBBLER!

        Another hidden gem is The Postcards Lounge at The Pelican Grande on Fort Lauderdale Beach (you can eat oceanside on the covered porch in the rocking chairs). High-style, very reasonable - where I take all my out-of-town-visitors! Old-fashioned ice cream shoppe on promises, but not as reasonable as the lounge menu. The actual restaurant is pricey, don't check that out unless you want to pay more. When you walk in, go to your LEFT to the lounge, get some menus and find your rocking chairs on the porch! ENJOY THE VIEW & THE FOOD. :) Sometimes there's free popcorn too!

      2. For breakfast, try Cypress Nook in Pompano Beach-Wonderful pancakes and omelets!
        They also get excellent reviews for their dinners.

        Lunch-Coconuts has a great outdoor deck on the intra-coastal.

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          NO TO COCONUTS!!! - Do not listen to this advice!!! I signed up for this forum, just to warn the world what a terrible place this is. The food was disgusting and overpriced!!! This was the worst money I have ever spent. Kudos to the person who suggested Tom Jenkins though. That place is awesome!

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            Thank Chowhound, I do every time I visit the Pig as that is how I found it.

        2. I'm a really big fan of Sushi Rock on Las Olas. they have some fun delicious rolls.

          also really like Rok:Brgr.

          for lunch, i REALLY suggest checking out 11th st. annex. its not within walking distance of the beach, but its a great spot for a good sandwich of creative dish (the menu has 4-5 items that are changed daily).

          also, if youre not from Pitt, there is a primanti bros near (read: right across the street from) Ft Laudy beach. worth checking out i think because its the only place outside of pitt you can get this country-famous sandwich (and it IS good), but be ready for a greasy semi-gutbomb of a lunch.

          fort laudy isnt really the spot for Cuban in SoFl. have to head closer to Miami for that IMO

          1. as i've recommended on here often, i second the vote for 11th St Annex. It's a converted 1950s Florida style house where lunch is served and cooked by two sisters, menu changes daily. It;s only open for lunch m -f.

            For Cuban food, I suggest Las Colinas in Wilton Manors/Oakland Park. It's some of the best cuban food i've had anywhere. It's a dive, but it's cleanly, delicious, and homemade.

            great pancakes are at the Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House, but the prices are high and the staff is really unpleasant. But they do have oven baked in a cast iron skillet pancakes that are heavenly.

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              Regarding Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House...was there today. Lots of new staff and I couldn't help thinking that they (as well as the owner) are much more pleasant than in the past...They will, as of 5/15, also be open for dinner 7 nights a week...Love their cron pancakes!

            2. Some options worth checking out:
              Rocco's Tacos or JoJo's Tacos for fish tacos
              Coconuts is small but decent on intracoastal
              Gilbert's 17th street grill for great burger or Rok Brgr but it's pricier
              Las Vegas Cuban cuisine serves great basic Cuban food
              Floridian on Las Olas is total breakfast dive

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                I second Gilbert's - great burgers!