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May 11, 2012 06:14 AM

South Street Seaport

I have an event at the Beekman Beer Garden on Saturday and want to brunch beforehand. Where is a good place for brunch in the South Street Seaport area?

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  1. I've only been to one place for brunch down there...Meade's Restaurant. Decent food, outdoor seating and unlimited drink special. Nothing special but I think option are sort of limited in the area.

      1. Made Fresh Daily is a wonderfully cute little place on Front St, great local/seasonal brunch fare, unpretentious, super-friendly. You can get everything to go as well, which if the weather's nice is great - take your food and go sit out on the pier.

        Acqua is solid too, as is Barbarini Alimentari (they're all on the same block, IIRC) - but I find specifically for brunchy fare, MFD is my go-to in that neighborhood. The other two I prefer for dinner / late lunch kind of stuff.

        1. Fresh Salt on Beekman St. Great little bar. It's tucked away next to the Cuban place on the corner.

          Also second made fresh daily.