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May 11, 2012 04:21 AM


Good morning everyone! So, I just searched the boards first on "Parizade" and there are no recent posts at all (except mentioning it as a geographical point of reference and another giving it as an alternative to a steakhouse), so I thought I would pay tribute to dinner last night at one of my favorite restaurants throughout lo these many years.

There was a group of 6 of us celebrating my birthday dinner, and, from the start, we had impeccable and friendly professional service by Thomas, who was a real classy charmer. Last night (Thursday) was martini night special so we had a variety of special mixed cocktails from the French to the Pomtini to a classic to Fliritini and they were all spot-on. We didn't have appetizers, saving room for dessert.

For the entrees we had paella, soft-shell crab, baked eggplant, lamp chops, whole roasted sea bass, and braised short ribs. I ordered the paella which was absolutely luscious. I also tried the sea bass, lamb chops, and soft shelled crab - and that s.s.crab, especially, was a knock-out. I've never had better. I can't wait to dig into my paella leftovers today. Thomas filleted the whole sea bass table-side and did a beautiful and deft job with that. (I was on the verge of asking for the head and bones to take home to make fish stock, but decided not to be tacky).

For dessert, Thomas brought out a heaping platter that our host had pre-ordered with 5 different desserts on it, arranged around a humorous grinning miniature chef, who was trying to reach for "floating" chocolate butterflies standing on spears. It was ahhhhh-dorable. Oh, and part of the deserts were french macarons (that we have been discussing on another thread lately).

Another waitress that recognized me came to check on us (and it had been probably a year since I had been in), and the manager came over twice throughout the evening to see how everything was. Parizade has always had terrific service, and terrific food, and I need to go back much sooner than I had the last time. All 6 of us were terrifically pleased with our meals and the dining experience.

Mazel! Kudos! High Regards!

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  1. Happy Birthday! You know, I've had Parizade on my "must try" list for ages, and still haven't made it there yet. The menu always looks good. I think I need to move it up the list immediately. Are they also open for lunch?

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      Open for lunch Monday-Friday.

      We had an anniversary dinner there a few years back that was very good - and they also gave us a complimentary dessert platter (after the waitress had found out it was our anniversary). Very nice of them :)

      1. re: LulusMom

        Thank you, dear! Yes - I scarfed up my paella leftovers the next morning and it was possibly even better than the night before. I'll come over to meet you the the precious gourmet princess a.s.a.p!

      2. Parizade has been one of my favorite restaurants in this area since they opened. Love the food, the atmosphere and the staff.

        I'm guilty of having the tendency of ordering the same thing when I go because I don't go enough! Love their paella, the angel hair with shrimp and feta and the lemon linguini (which is my go to lunch dish there).

        So glad to see them getting some attention here - they deserve it!

        1. You know, a lot of new restaurants have opened in Durham in the past eight years or so, and they get all the attention. But there is a small group of good to excellent restaurants that were here long before the current restaurant efflorescence, and Parizade is one of them. I've always had great meals there.