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follow up to March Philly visit

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Hey there-
Just wanted to say "thanks!!". I had asked for good eats around Rittenhouse for a quick girls weekend.
As usual, I was not disappointed by the advice...

Dinner at 20 Manning:
Really liked the atmosphere. Split fried calamari with friends--a little overdone and a little too spicy. Of all of us, the butternut squash ravioli special was the hit. Overall, atmosphere was better than the food, but the strong Mojito's helped a bunch ; )

Dinner at Oyster House:
Somehow got a table immediately, even tho the place was packed. All I can say is-- I am STILL daydreaming about the mussels I had! A huge dish of steamed mussels in a light broth with fennel, coriander, garlic and God knows what else, because it was absolutely heavenly! It's on the "small plate" menu, and I had it with a side of sauteed winter greens. Plus...half a dozen clams on the half shell that were like the ocean itself! Mind you, I live in the desert, so I hadn't had them in years...but WOW!

And...must also mention a delightful stop in DiBruno's on Chestnut. I did this without my non-foodie girlfriends so I could really take it all in without boring them. The cheese guy and I had quite a nice interlude after I challenged him to give me a sample of something really interesting (he did) and then I told him to give me something that he always wants people to try and they never will (I'm not afraid of any cheese!). He gave me a bit of bleu cheese that looked like it'd been under a rock for 8 years...it was yum! Great fun!

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  1. Glad you had a goodtime....even if you didn't have fired clams!.LOL