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May 10, 2012 06:51 PM
Discussion we have any fans of the food truck gathering downtown by the Symphony

each day?

Tried the Korean Taco one today. Pretty good.

Thinking about trying the Meat Pies tomorrow.

Became quite a fan of meat pies while in Australia this summer.

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  1. I work downtown and love having the variety. I have tried most of the trucks, but haven't tried the meet pies yet. My favorites are Nammi for the Tofu Banh Mi, Ssham for the tacos, The Butcher's Son for the sliders; Green House Truck has amazing salad; City Street Grille has Rolled Gold which is Fried Chicken tenders inside a Hong Kong Waffle covered with peppercord gravy. At $11 but well worth it. Quite possibly, the best thing I ever ate! I am not impressed with Texas Delicioso. The have one oven and they serve custom pizzas. The problem is they can't keep up with the crowds. Major time suck. Tin Star Taco Taxi has great tacos. I am not a fan of Dos Paisano. Poor quality ingredients, gristly meat, etc. Let me know what you thought about the meat pie.

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      Truck with Meat Pies wasn't there (on Friday last week). I'm told they rotate the offerings aroud a bit.

      I had the Ssaam tacos on Thursday, those were great.

      Had Sliders on Friday when I saw the Meat Pies were not there (forget the name of the truck....).

      In meetings thru Wedndesday, so at best I can go back Thursday to see if Meat Pies are back. (sure hope so!).