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May 10, 2012 05:14 PM

Real Buffalo Wings Needed

Greetings… I have been searching for authentic Buffalo wings and have been coming up short. Every place I’ve tried either bakes their wings (yuck) or breads them. I’m looking for real WNY style, deep-fried, crispy served with blue cheese. Is there anywhere in Montgomery County or DC that actually serves real wings? Tried Fire Station in Silver Spring and was not thrilled. No Buffalo Wild Wings please. Thanks!

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  1. I'm a Buffalo native, and I have not found them. Eventually I gave up and just started making my own. Its a giant pain in the ass but at least they are excellent.

    Nowhere around here fries them long enough.

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      When I make my own, I put them into the oven and let them oven-fry until they're crispy enough. Since I usually start with frozen wings, that usually takes about 45 minutes at 375. Of course that time will be shorter if you start fresh or thawed. They thaw, then the water boils off, then they 'fry' in their own fat.
      I think the only reason wing places deep-fry them is because it's faster.

    2. I agree with making your own. However, I will vouch for Bungalow Billiards as well as Jimmy's in oldtown Herndon. At BB, get the 3 mile island sauce as a side. Not a traditional Buffalo style (you'll largely get that with the wings), but it's great. Jimmy in Herndon is from Buffalo and so if you have any issues, ask for Jimmy and talk with him. He's cool.

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        I have heard of Jimmy's; do they also make a beef on weck? Herndon is a huge hike for me, but maybe next time I'm out that way, I'll give them a try.

        1. re: reiflame

          Yes, they have beef on weck, and that was the sandwich I've ordered the most. It has been a while since I've had it, though.

      2. Since you mention Silver Spring, have you tried the wings at The Quarry House? Had them a couple of times and thought they were good.

        1. I'm also a past New York resident, and I can't find good wings in this area either. Nobody seems to know how to cook them properly! They have the sauces down, but the wings are cooked until they're done, not until they're crispy. What gives?

          1. Boundary Stone, which won the City Paper's March Madness wing competition, makes unbelievably crispy, not-greasy wings. I won't eat them elsewhere now that I've discovered them, because everything else seems so greasy and soft and chewy.