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May 10, 2012 04:44 PM

California vacation for East Coasters

Planning trip to San Fransisco, Napa and Big Sur with stop in Half Moon Bay. Would love great food recommendations for each stop from the fancy to the not so fancy but must eats!!

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  1. in Half Moon Bay (actually just N of HMB in Princeton) there is Barbara's Fish Trap....go for the tempura fried scallops, you'll love them, and the rest of the menu too. By the way, I believe it is cash only.

    1. You might want to explore the San Francisco board too -- not sure where the boundaries are for that group but it might include the wine country and Half Moon Bay too. Enjoy your trip - pretty time to be out here.

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        I guess the moderators moved this to the SF board. It covers all the counties with SF Bay shoreline, which includes SF, Napa, and Half Moon Bay but not Big Sur. Topics on Big Sur on the California board: