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May 10, 2012 04:17 PM

Come Dine With Me


Does anyone know if CDWM will ever return to BBC America? Or is the American version forthcoming? I did a Google search on "Come Dine With Me BBC America" and all the articles were from 2010. I was late jumping on the CDWM bandwagon and I really enjoyed it while it lasted.


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  1. ITV studios and BBC Worldwide were supposed to bring an American version of the show to American TV. Not sure what channel it would air on and I could not find a date. Also the press release mentioning it is dated Aug. 2010.

    here's a copy of a blurb from what I read
    Featuring participants from the New York metropolitan area, Come Dine With Me (US) is based on ITV Studios' popular UK format which follows amateur chefs competing for the title of the ultimate dinner party host. Each episode brings together four strangers who take turns cooking up their idea of the perfect evening. Each competitor then rates the host's performance and the winner is lauded the 'ultimate dinner party host' and awarded a hefty prize.

    I believe the latest BBC version ended Last month so that may start airing soon on BBC America.

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      I've seen something like that on American TV a while back. I think it had a different title and there were only a few episodes and it quietly faded away.

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        Well now that the BBC version is over, I will keep my fingers crossed. I loved that show! Thanks.

      2. If the American version is similar to the Canadian version, avoid it. The commentator is terrible and the show has no charm.

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          I love the Canadian version! I guess, to each his or her own.

        2. I love love loved that show. British version from BBCA. I wish they would show all the epsiodes, as I understand they had many we didn't see. I'm not sure any version they make for the US will be as entertaining. Just the way they make 'em over the pond.

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            The version they showed on BBC America was heavily edited down from the original. The original UK show aired with each contestant's dinner party shown as a half-hour show on four or five consecutive days over the course of the whole week with the winner announced on the last one. I think the ones they showed on BBC America were the versions edited down to an hour for primetime rebroadcast once CDWM became a big thing. I'm told by Brit expat friends who watched the originals that the expanded version is much, much funnier, the narration by Dave Lamb especially, since it's less overwhelmingly nonstop.

            I'd love to get to see the original intact series and I don't understand why BBC America doesn't run it, instead of the endless, endless repeats of Kitchen Nightmares.

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              Not quite, ratgirl. Outing myself as a CDWM fan, I can say that there are times where it airs with 30min episodes across a week (teatime viewing) but there are also the hour-long 4 guest episodes, one of which I'm watching right now, having DVR'd Channel 4's delights of this past work week.