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May 10, 2012 04:11 PM

vanilla infused simple syrup - cocktail ideas?

Hi, I made up some Tahitian vanilla bean infused simple syrup, and would like to do a little mixing. I can bang out a decent margarita, but that's the extent of my mixed drink repertoire. I have some clear rum for one cocktail, and some good whiskey for another. Will probably serve the rum to the ladies, who are very light drinkers, and the whiskey to the gents. Here are my thoughts so far:

1. love mojitos for the rum, but I don't think the mint or lime will pair well with vanilla, right? Maybe if I go in a different direction, with orange or tangerine juice?
2. would like to use some seasonal fruit, was thinking maybe whiskey with the ss, peaches, cinnamon (have some beautiful cinnamon on hand.)

Open to all suggestions from you more experienced mixologists!

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  1. I see no reason why the vanilla won't be fine with the mint and lime. For instance, ice cream base for mint ice cream usually contains vanilla (the recipes I've used anyway). Key lime pie is topped with cream usually whipped with a little vanilla. I think those would be fine all together.

    I can't really help with creating something with your whiskey, though. I'm not up to drink creating yet!

    I think vanilla should work in small doses with many fruits. Just don't let it take over, esp if the syrup has lots of it.

    1. I usually get a quart of raspberries and cover them with vodka and let them sit for a month. The end product is outstanding with ice cubes and seltzer. I am sure vanilla syrup would be a nice touch.

      I love coffee and cognac. Vanilla syrup would work there too.

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        The vodka soaked raspberries sound amazing! Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. I googled and found only one vanilla mojito recipe (not necessarily a good sign, although I did also find a tahitian vanilla bean infused rum) but it sounds potentially good- it uses vanilla extract and adds Angostura bitters. I'd recommend giving those combinations a try before serving, however- I've tried bitters in a mojito before and wasn't impressed. If you use orange or tangerine in a mojito, you'll need some kind of sour ingredient to balance it out or it'll be way too sweet. To my mental tastebuds, vanilla pairs better with lemon, but I think it could be perfectly fine with lime too as tokyopix said. I think that rum goes well with bananas, but you would probably have to infuse them- I think muddling them would be sort of gross. Raspberries might be really good here too- raspberry mojitos can be fantastic.

        I don't know what kind of whiskey you have, but many whiskeys should combine really well with your syrup, since they tend to have some vanilla notes (especially bourbon). Peach-whiskey-vanilla sounds good to me (cinnamon seems too autumnal but that's up to you). How about orange, vanilla and whiskey? Don't know what part of the country you're in, but here in California we still have oranges on our trees.

        1. I just discovered Vanilla Jack Daniels from a friend that works on Crescent Street in Montreal. In a cocktail shaker with lots of ice put 1.5 ounces Jack Daniels (or bourbon) and 0.5 to 1 ounces of simple syrup and 0.5 ounces Galliano for a more vanilla flavour. Shake vigorously.
          Since you have vanilla syrup, you can omit the Galliano... it's heavenly, and I'm not a Jack Daniels fan (outside of the occaisional Jack & Coke). Let me know what you think.