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May 10, 2012 03:43 PM

Any great good ethnic eateries in Perth Amboy ????

I heard Perth Amboy ( and surrounding areas) is a diverse area ??? What are some good , chow endorsed places ???

I would def like to stop by and try some .... but I am not familiar ??? Can someone help me ???

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  1. Troy is a Turkish/Mediterranean place at the corner of RT 35 and Kennedy St. Everything I've tried has been terrific.

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      I know Seabras Armory has it's detractors, but I think it's got decent rodizio, and it's shortcomings are counterbalanced by it's location on the water. Take advantage of the waterfront and decent chow.

    2. I recently tried a place Terrazza a Spanish themed restaurant wich I would say is the majority of the ethnicity of Perth Amboy these days. They call themselves Cuban, Portuguese and Latin American cuisine....all of which seemed pretty accurate to me, being non-spanish myself. I was there about a month ago with a memory is failing me in what appitizers we had but I can tell you we had no complaints. I had the Paella as an entree and it was a nice balance of the seafood and meat...just the right amount of "kick" from the chorizo.

      Overall I was impressed with the place....not blown away...but impressed....what I liked the most was the comfortable atmosphere. Very nice decor and ambiance in the place...not like most Spanish/Portuguese places which are bright and loud....this is very lounge type atmosphere and that is more my speed. (I ate at the bar). Give it a shot if your in the mood for that type of fare and report back your impression. Good luck!!

      1. Check out Bonao, located at 349 Oak street. Definitely not a fancy place, much more of a hole-in-the-wall, but you will find great home made Dominican style food at cheap prices.

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        1. Latin Grill is an excellent Peruvian restaurant in Perth Amboy. Excellent seafood (half a dozen types of ceviche) as well as great grilled Peruvian specialties (beef heart kebab is excellent!)

          1. Mobay on Smith St for Jamaican food. Is it still there? I haven't been in a while but the jerk was to die for. It's a hole in the wall and we have only ever gotten takeout but the food brings me back to a special 30th bday trip my hubby surprised me with. The Reggae Boyz were playing Japan in the World Cup and the country was electrified! Tis a beautiful thing, mon!