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Favorite ways to use up a giant bunch of cilantro?

Hi hounds.

I wanted to make guacamole today so I bought some cilantro, but the bunches at the market were enormous--about 2 to 3 times the size of usual grocery stores bundles. So I'm looking for recipes that use a large quantity of cilantro. Bonus points if they make something that would keep or freeze well for a bit. I'm thinking pestos, salad dressings, chutneys . . . anyone have any tried and true recipes? I would love to hear them! Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Chutney its really more like pesto but mint and Cilantro is amazing as a sauce for lamb, samosa's etc I love the stuff and it freezes well.

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        How about a batch of Chili Verde it freezes well too

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          That was going to be my suggestion too as something that freezes well. I also make a chicken tomatillo soup that is a variation on a chile verde that freezes well.

          I also find that it keeps for almost two weeks in the crisper drawer and I never have problems with using it up before it goes bad. I even use it in rum and whiskey based cocktails.

      2. Wasn't there a thread on this topic within the past month?


        1. I make "Cilantro Pesto" and use in on salad, pasta, meats. Just follow any pesto recipe. Or go rogue and add ginger / lemon instead.

          1. Marinade: cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, oregano, lime juice, and olive oil. Splash of tequila is optional. I use it mostly on skirt and flank steak but it also works on chicken and London broil.

            1. Homemade ranch dressing.

              1. Make gravlax, substituting cilantro for the dill.

                1. Blend a handful of cilantro with a cup of Greek yogurt and a jalapeno. It's great on tacos or any Mexican dish - cool and spicy.

                  1. Just after reading your post, I happened upon this recipe, which calls for "two very large handfuls of ... cilantro." Not so freezable, but it looks great. I'm planning to try it soon. http://mycookinggallery.blogspot.com/...

                    1. I use cilantro to make my chimichurri. Lots of cilantro, garlic, red pepper flakes to taste, salt, and oil. Great with grilled meat, Italian sausage, sliced tomatoes, or bread.

                      1. I fine chop the cilantro and make small bundles, wrapped in plastic film and stored in the freezer. Then anytime a recipe calls for or would be enhanced by a bit of cilantro, I add the bundle. It keeps well all by itself.

                        1. I'd make a crema de cilantro soup. It's a great way to polish off a bunch of cilantro.

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                            I'll second that! I first had crema de cilantro in a Mexican restaurant in San Diego - the waiter said the ingredients were cilantro and cream. I've made a less rich version using chicken stock in place of the cream.

                            Cilantro and pistachio pesto is also good. Now I'm wondering if I can make a variant of Green Goddess salad dressing with it.

                          2. thai pickled cucumbers? Great side dish and/or yummy to snack on and they keep a while in the fridge.

                            1. Mojo Verde de Cilantro (Canary Islands Style Cilantro Sauce)

                              Both of these recipes are good. The first one is more sauce-like, the other is thinker but also very good. Serve with potatoes.



                              1. When I have a lot of extra cilantro, I like to put it under chicken pieces to roast. (The chicken pieces also being prepped with lemon, garlic, & maybe some other herbs.) My roasting pan has wonderful properties of caramelization, so the cilantro comes out nicely cooked, having flavored the chicken & soaking up some of the juices too. I may serve it as part of the veg with dinner, or I may just eat it as cook's treat in the kitchen.

                                1. Last night I made Spicy Sauteed Chickpeas with Beef and Cilantro and DW gave it 5 stars (although I think one of those stars was just because she didn't have to cook!) Uses 1/2 cup chopped cilantro.


                                  1. In my kitchen it would most likely go into a pot of tortilla soup.

                                    A big bunch goes in near the beginning and a big bunch just before being served