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May 10, 2012 03:33 PM

Late Nite Fare in Seattle ?

Plane gets in 10:30 on a Friday...
Capitol Hill area is where my destination for lodging.
By 11:30 I'll be wanting something other than airline food.
Capitol Hill or in the City... What are my options ?

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  1. Palace Kitchen downtown is open until 1 am. There's probably more open on the hill. I don't get to that neighborhood too frequently so the only late night dining I've ever done there is at Unicorn. I had the Unicorn-Dog and proclaimed it the best corndog in the world. I may have shouted it? The details are hazy.

    1. Quinn's is open Until 1 am and has amazing food. Very casual edgy gastropub type of thing. One of our best meals in Seattle.

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        Thanks meply !
        Quinn's sounds like just what I was looking for as I'll be staying about 18 blocks from there.

        Any suggestions (casual or fine dinning / lunch or dinner) for when I'm on the road between Seattle & Vancouver ? I'll also be in Victoria and Anacortes (if you have any recomendations) before heading back east.