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May 10, 2012 03:31 PM

Umami Burger Costa Mesa - any visits?

I've never been to an Umami Burger...but one just opened nearby and I'm temped. I've heard that they are expensive, and have heard opinions ranging from "the best in the world" to "no better than In 'n Out". I suspect that the truth lies somewhere between. Has anyone been to the CM venue...and how was it?

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  1. I was going to go but the line was outrageous, especially for burgers I have already tried at other locations.

    1. Just as good as the La Brea location. You should go at off hours, because the interior can not handle the waiting patrons. Wait staff very courteous and helpful.

      1. I have been three times now and it is fairly consistent with the other Umami locations I have visited in terms of quality but, as others have noted, it is a small space and there are often lines to get in. I wish they would add the pork burger some of the other locations offer but the Manly and the Umami are both good in their own right. I was not a fan of the Truffle though and prefer the onion rings and smushed potatoes to the fries.