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May 10, 2012 02:32 PM

Favourite place in Paris area to buy d'Affinois cheese (or soft, mild, French cheese in general)?

My mom recently discovered a cheese she really likes, called d'Affinois. It's a soft cheese with a very mild flavour, a bit like Brie:

I was wondering if anyone had a favourite place to get this cheese (or cheeses like them) in the Paris area. I have a 5 zone Navigo pass, and enjoy exploring, so anywhere around Paris is fine.

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  1. Isn't it a "supermarket" cheese? Industrially produced, neutral cheese aimed at the export market. if you want it head to the nearest big supermarket, if you want better cheese follow the advice here for good cheese shops/markets. Parigi's ultimate cheese guy at the Place d'Anvers market may be a good start.

    1. Is your mom in Paris with you? If not, I regret to say that cheeses of the Brie variety don't travel well across the Atlantic. One reason is they don't fare well in the required vacuum packaging.

      As for a great cheese shop, imho you can do no better than Dubois in Place Maubert.

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        Quatrehomme rue de Sevres--- but for the "pavé d'affinois"... intermarché....or leader price